The annual Scott Boras scrum

As it happens every year at the Winter Meetings, industry leading agent Scott Boras fielded questions from a giant gathering of media on Wednesday. I’d love to tell you I could hear him but had a couple of guys in the pack and we will have stories on the main site and club sites. I will have something on Choo as well.




Who cares about Scott Boras? HE DEFINES what is wrong with baseball..BIG DOLLAR ARROGANCE….. The press fawning over him gives him added legitimacy. Shame on all of you..Ultimately THE FAN pays for his excessive business practices…. Shame on the Owners that negotiate with him…..If everyone ignored him, players would avoid in numbers equal to those running from Obamacare.

Additionally Mark, your photos of the scrum make me sick…. Professional ??? Journalists???? or groupies?

Let me fix it….”The annual Scott Boras scum”. I know you can’t say it, but the fans can.

Beelzebub has arrived.

I agree. Scott Boras IS what”s wrong with professional sports. MONEY , MONEY , MONEY !!!!!. When will it ever stop? When the fans STOP going to games . How sad that would be. But it WILL happen. Ryan is right on with SCUM . The enjoyment of the game is diminishing faster than we realize.

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