Phillips deal nixed by Yankees?

There are reports from Jon Heyman of CBS that the Yankees turned down a trade offer from the Reds that proposed sending Brandon Phillips in return for Brett Gardner.

I have confirmed through sources tonight that Reds GM Walt Jocketty and Yankees GM Brian Cashman did hold meetings and that Phillips was discussed. I also learned that the Yankees are among teams listed in Phillips’ limited no-trade clause on a contract that has four years and $50 million.

More to come when I learn more.


I read that the Yankees nixed the deal; one for one, but trade talks continued. The reason was that the Yankees want to move either Sukzuki or Wells, rather than Gardner. Talks continuing…hmmmmm…

MLB to ban home plate collisions
Under the rules changes being discussed, sources told Olney:
• Catchers will not be allowed to block home plate.
• Runners will not be permitted to target the catchers.
• The question of whether or not the plate was blocked or the runner targeted the catcher will be reviewable, with an immediate remedy available to the umpires.
• Catchers or runners who violate the new rules will be subject to disciplinary action.

Joel Sherman tweeted @Joelsherman1
#Dodgers #reds early in offseason talked Kemp-Brandon Phillips concepts. LA though signed Guerrero, want save $$ here not take on big pact
7:44 AM – 12 Dec 2013

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