Monday odds and ends

Lots of people, lots of reporters but few transactions of note came on Monday morning and afternoon at the Winter Meetings. The Reds made no moves but have started some talks.

“A lot of talking,” Reds GM Walt Jocketty said. “We’ve talked to two or three clubs by phone. No meetings yet. We’ve met with an agent. We’ll probably meet with two or three more the next couple of days.”

I will have three stories tonight on, including one on Bronson Arroyo exploring his options as a free agent. Click here to read.

Other items:

*Bryan Price said the club is still deciding whether to let him pitch in winter ball in the Dominican. Cueto told me on Saturday that he would like to. Of course with Cueto’s injury history, they would like to be careful. At the same time, he only had 11 starts in 2013. If he does pitch, they would like to have him do a throwing program first and perhaps face hitters at their Dominican academy in Boca Chica.

*Jocketty was, of course, very happy for Tony LaRussa getting into the Hall of Fame today. It was Jocketty who hired LaRussa for the Cardinals in 1996 after he fired Joe Torre — another new Hall of Famer.

“I’ve known Tony since 1976,” Jocketty said. “We’ve been friends for most of that time except for the couple of years I was here and he was still in St. Louis. We were at odds a couple of times then. That’s both of our competitive natures. He’s obviously will go down in history of one of the best managers of all time. He’s the winningest of all time. He worked hard at his craft. He was very disciplined. When I first knew him, he was still studying for his law degree in the off-season. He was playing, coaching or managing in the regular season and trying to finish his law degree at Florida State. That takes a real discipline to do something like that. He was always very focused, prepared and was a great leader and very successful at it.”

Jocketty has only dismissed two managers in his career — Torre and Dusty Baker.

“I’ve told [Torre] in the past that me firing him got him four more World Series championships,” Jocketty said. “Now I can tell him I got him into the Hall of Fame by firing him too.

“I had Torre, who I fired at the request of my owner. But then I hired Tony. Really in my career, I’ve only hired two managers. One is going in the Hall of Fame. The other one is destined.”

The elicited some laughs since new Price, his latest hire, was sitting right next to Jocketty in the Reds’ suite.

“He hasn’t even managed one game yet,” Jocketty said.

“Only got 35 more years of managing,” Price added.

*The Reds will need a new strength and conditioning coach. Matt Krause left last week to take the same position with the Yankees. A replacement for Krause has not been found. He spent the last 11 seasons with the organization.


Here is a rumour I’ve heard bandied about on MLB Radio….Homer Bailey for Mark Trumbo. Do the Reds think Holmgren could possibly be ready for prime time to step into a rotation spot? Or is he a year or two away? Cueto, Latos, Cingrani, Leake, Holmgren? Trumbo would be a nice right handed bat to put between Votto and Bruce. Don’t know what his contract is. Does this sound like a feasable deal? Have you heard any of this in the wind? Would the Reds have to throw in Heisey?

ARB eligible 2014, FA 2017. Makes minimum today. Plays 1B, LF and RF. The first question would be, what to do with Ludwick; I assume he would become a bench player or be traded, if Jocketty could get someone to buy. However, there is little doubt that Trumbo would put up some very big numbers; last season…34 HR, 100 RBI…typical power hitter….234 /.294 /.453 /.747. Playing in GABP he would certainly pass out 40-50 souvenirs. Not a bad play, and if you are going to get him, get him now because he may well be a high priced player in a few years. A bone fide clean up hitter; something we haven’t seen for many years. Also, our first full time LF since 2008! Interesting trade rumor.

Sorry, It’s Holmberg, not Holmgren.

Well, I guess that rumour is out the window. Heard on the way home from work Trumbo went to Arizona for Tyler Scaggs. Nice thinking about Trumbo hitting between Votto and Bruce at GABP for a while though.

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