Live from the Dolphin

Hello from the Swan and Dolphin hotel at Walt Disney World. The Winter Meetings are upon us.

It’s early so I have really nothing to report right now. The Reds have historically done little at the Winter Meetings but as I wrote on Sunday, you never know. Keep checking back here and on

I would expect some rumors to fly this week regarding Brandon Phillips and Homer Bailey. Despite what the Reds brass said last week about Phillips, there are a couple of teams in need of a second baseman (Yankees, Royals). As for Bailey, he’s entering his walk year before free agency and teams are always in need of starting pitcher (once again, the Yankees are an example). I’ve already seen speculation from a few outlets about a Bailey-Brett Gardner deal making sense in theory. Gardner is also entering his final year before free agency as well. I will keep an eye on this and anything else that develops.



ORLANDO in December…..Rough Duty Mark….Guess someone has to do it….. T2

lol T2, you read my mind. But, I don’t think they handed the job to Mark; he earned it and does a fine job keeping abreast of the 2014 WS Champions!?*

I wonder if Arizona could use Bailey for one year? Adam Eaton anyone?

Another trade scenario I read about while visiting many a media blog…
Phillips and Mesoraco for Matt Weiters (C). Haven’t heard anything recently though.
Probably wishful thinking on the author’s part. If true, they would obtain a clean up hitter with 30-40 HR power GABP (switch hitter as well), and then they would move Hamilton to 2B and then deal with a new CF; a trade of Bailey for Gardner would seal the deal. All our itches get scratched; CF and lead off, superior C with clean up power, Hamilton comfortable with his best position, major money off the books, etc.

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