Jocketty talks Phillips, Chapman

Reds general manager Walt Jocketty appeared on MLB Network Radio with host Chris Russo on Wednesday and seemed to put to bed the trade rumors involving Brandon Phillips.

“I told him we are not in any talks to trade him,” Jocketty said. “I’m not saying we wouldn’t trade him but I told him we’re a better team with him here.”

Late Tuesday night, Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported from a Major League source that the Reds were unlikely to trade Phillips this winter.

Jocketty was also asked about Aroldis Chapman’s status for 2014 — starting pitcher or closer?

“We feel we have the depth in our rotation now that we can continue to keep him in the bullpen,” Jocketty said. “That’s probably the plan going into Spring Training. We’ll have him prepare for Spring Training like he has in the past. He’ll come in and pitch a lot of innings in Spring Training so he could go either way. In all likelihood when we get to Spring Training, we’ll make a decision. I would think he’ll continue to be our closer.”

For the clip of the interview with Jocketty, click here.


Not sure what to make of this…

Cincinnati Reds Rumors
Reds Unlikely To Trade Brandon Phillips
By Zach Links [December 4, 2013 at 9:45am CST]

WEDNESDAY: ESPN’s Jayson Stark spoke with three teams that inquired on Phillips, each of which got the sense that Reds ownership wants to trade Phillips more than the front office does (Twitter link).

Really is a fascinating situation. Personally, I think BP is gone. I trust Bowden and his sources, for the most part. Should be fun to watch this unfold. Is there really a better off season for any sport?

No reason under God’s heaven to ever trust anything coming from that sleazy Bowden. Remember, he was Marge Schott’s hand-picked and anointed one. That should tell you all you’d ever need to know!

When Sark can say, “I have not talked to USC”, one hour before he announces that he has taken the head coaching job at USC, it becomes obvious that if there was ever a “white lie” that is told…this is the type of situation that festers such a situation.
In short, I don’t believe what the media says 100%. I also think that Phillips will be traded, depending on other teams’ signings. Also, I don’t believe Jocketty is anywhere near done with the Red’s changes and trades. Heck, we haven’t even gone through the winter meetings yet! We don’t necessarily use the winter meetings as a trading platform, per se, however the winter meetings allows for other teams’ trades that eventually have a decision making impact on the Reds. A process that Jocketty is no stranger to. Only thing we now know is who our manager is, who our coaches are, and who a couple of our backups/bench players are. We have a long way to go to spring training. And yes, whodoo, this is a special time of year for MLB!

Mariners Willing To Pay Cano $230-240MM
By Steve Adams [December 5 at 3:21pm CST]

Robinson Cano flew to Seattle to meet with the Mariners in person today, and the team has informed him that they are willing to pay as much as $230-240MM on a 10-year contract, according to Enrique Rojas of (Spanish link).

It was reported yesterday that the Mariners may have topped the Yankees’ offer of roughly $170MM, but if true, the reported $230-240MM offer would shatter the Yankees’ highest bid. The Mariners met with Cano’s representatives on Tuesday, according to multiple reports, but this appears to be the first instance of Cano traveling to Seattle to meet with club officials.

Cano and agents Jay-Z of Roc Nation Sports and Brodie Van Wagenen of CAA are said to be seeking something in the neighborhood of $252MM. The Yankees reportedly will not offer Cano more than $200MM, and in the wake of that news, the offense-starved Mariners appear to have emerged as major players in the Cano sweepstakes.

Things will really get interesting once Cano signs. At minimum, Phillips net worth will jump a bit.

Mariners To Sign Robinson Cano
By Steve Adams [December 6 at 9:57am CST]


For the Yankees, the departure of Cano leaves a gaping hole at second base. They’ve added a bit of insurance in the form of Kelly Johnson but will almost certainly require a further upgrade. Omar Infante is the top free agent option, but the trade market presents additional options. Howie Kendrick and Brandon Phillips are said to be available, and the somewhat ironic scenario of a Franklin-to-New York trade at least seems conceivable.

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