Xavier Paul non-tendered

I didn’t expect anyone from the list of arbitration eligibles to be non-tendered but I’m also not stunned that Xavier Paul was given that fate before last night’s deadline. While his projected salary was expected to be in the neighborhood of a relatively low $1 million, it shows where the club is looking to save money. Bench players and pinch hitters like Paul could be located for less. The Reds have yet to formally announce the move but it’s listed on the transactions from Monday.

Here is the story I wrote in the wee hours of last night.

*In other Reds news, the team’s 2014 Hall of Fame class will be revealed tonight at 6 p.m. at the Holy Grail Banks. It will be carried live on the Hot Stove League show on the Reds radio network, which is also streamed live on Reds.com. I will be down there to see who got elected.


Paul will get picked up – hard to believe there’s better players, or as good, for less money. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I wish Spring Training started today. I’m sick of Winter already.

Paul was a definite liability in the field and not so productive with the stick other than for a spurt upon his arrival in 2012 and one hot streak a year ago.

I think you can see where the Reds really have no money, in that they have so many players who have raises coming. It is obvious we can forget about Choo. We can not compete with the cardinals.

If Paul’s contract is to much then this club is in deep trouble.With Bronson and Choo gone and possibility BP I am seeing some troubling days ahead.

The day after the Ellsbury deal: now we know Choo is gone. If Boris can get $22M a year for Ellsbury, what’s he going to ask for Choo? Parenthetically, is Ellbury 22 times better a player than Xavier Paul? This renminds me of two past events: where’s the howling like when Pete Rose was the first ‘singles hitter’ to hold out for $1,000,000 a year? And does anyone else remember when the Yankees made Claudel Washington (briefly) the highest paid player in baseball? For two generations, that one franchise has led the way in skewing player salaries. It now seems a good but not great outfielder is going to be able to get $20+ a year. Where do the low and mid-range payroll teams fit in such a business model?

You need to do some inflation adjustment. Rose was gunning for the $100,000 barrier back in the day!

You know, I wrote $100,000 first and then changed it. Didn’t trust my memory.

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