Hanigan traded to Rays

Veteran catcher Ryan Hanigan appears to be headed from the Reds to the Rays in a trade, an industry source confirmed to MLB.com on Tuesday.

It is not yet known who Cincinnati will receive in the trade. FOX Sports reported from sources that a three-way trade could be in the works.

Hanigan, 33, became expendable when the Reds signed free agent catcher Brayan Pena to a two-year, $2.275 million contract early last month. The club also has Devin Mesoraco in the fold and it would seem Mesoraco will now become the primary catcher.

More to come …


I’m not sure what to think about this trade. Hanigan was a big part of the success the Reds pitchers had the past 3-4 years. Mesoroco has a lot of catching up to do to be the quality catcher Hanigan has been. Mesoroco will probably be a pretty good power hitter. The question is whether his hitting can offset his shortcomings in catching. Pena is probably going to be a good backup catcher. It looks like the Reds might be really trying to hold on to Choo.

Wow so Walt turned Hanigan for a top 10 Arizona pitching prospect. Thats pretty good if that is correct.

Dev MES cannot manage a pitching staff like R Hanigan. He has had more than enough time to “mature” This will be a regrettable move…
Compare the Reds off season so far to the Cardinals….. Cards A+ on team improvement with their moves… Reds—- YOU do the grading. —Lost Bronson; lost Choo (probably) now Hanigan…. And what have the Reds picked up? Cardinal cast off Schumacker; and back up 3rd string catcherin Pena…and now . A left handed pitcher with one partial game of major league experieince… Again YOU grade the report card so far….. Season ticket holders will be rumbling soon….T2

T2…Jocketty isn’t done. We are still south of the Winter Meetings. Much is ahead.
Hold onto your socks!

Not so sure that Mesoraco will be our starting C this coming season.

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