Jacoby joins Rangers’ coaching staff

There has yet to be a formal announcement about the Reds’ 2014 coaching staff, but one coach from the team has already found work elsewhere. Former hitting coach Brook Jacoby is joining the Rangers’ staff under manager Ron Washington as that team’s assistant hitting coordinator.

Prior to his seven seasons in Cincinnati, Jacoby was a hitting coach in the Texas organization — including two months at the big league level in 2006.


Thank goodness he’s gone.

that should have happened 2 years ago….lousy hitting coach…..

Hurrah!!! That about sums it uo.

The word was suppose to be “up” not uo.. I guess I was overcome with joy at the news.

That’s understandable.

I am amazed he got a job so fast after the paltry performance of our team on offense

As you know, Jacoby was the hitting coach for our team, the Reds. He now has been hired by Texas as not the hitting coach (Magadan), but as the assistant hitting coach.
Also, Jacoby had some prior relationship with the Rangers, prior to coming to Cincinnati.

You’re all fools! It has always been this collection of players, not the coaching. But you’ll have no excuse left whatsoever when the offense continues to struggle in clutch situations next year or maybe even falls off the cliff altogether what with the loss of Choo and little means at their disposal to add anything of note, boxed in as they are under the burden of the big contracts of a few. And all of that will happen under a new hitting coach who has already been named, save officially, who is supposed to ride in on horseback and salvage the mess left behind by poor and unfortunate Jacoby.

I’m anxious to see if Denny is right. Is the hitting coach really that much to blame? Will the new guy get blamed when the same people get the same results at the plate? I guess we’ll see. Here’s hoping that the new coach makes a HUGE improvement! Somehow, I doubt it.

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