Teams interested in Arroyo

Free agent pitcher Bronson Arroyo appeared on MLB Network Radio on Monday. The longtime mainstay of the Reds rotation isn’t expecting to be back in 2014 and appears to be getting some at least preliminary interest from various clubs.

“Yeah, it’s definitely in the early stages,” Arroyo said. “Nobody’s really put a dollar bill in front of me but I have, I think, the Phillies, the Dodgers, the Angels, the Giants, the Twins, maybe even the Orioles, I think all those teams have called, you know, just to say that they are interested. I’m not really sure how interested, you know? I think the Giants called back a couple of times and so did the Twins. But nobody really wants to put any money down on the table yet. It’s a new process for me. It’s the first time I’ve been through it. I figured it could take a while. And there’s other guys, I think, in the market.

“I might not be the first choice for some teams and I think there are some guys on the market that are going to affect how everybody else kind of plays out in the game. So I’m just sitting back and waiting to see who is interested in me. I’m 36. I’m going to pitch [at] 37 next year, but I’ve never missed a start, I feel like I’ve got as much energy as anybody at the ballpark on an everyday basis. We’ll see what happens. It’s going to be interesting.”

To hear the full interview with Arroyo, click here.


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