Another Silver Slugger for Bruce

For the second-straight year, Reds right fielder Jay Bruce was a winner of a National League Silver Slugger Award.

The results of the voting was announced on Wednesday and determined by the league’s managers and coaches.

Bruce, 26, batted .262 with 30 home runs and a career-high 109 RBIs over 160 games, also the most for his career. He was tied for second in the NL in RBIs, ranked third in homers and tied for third with 43 doubles. Among all Major League right fielders, Bruce led in homers, RBIs, doubles and extra-base hits.

More to come on and Bruce is holding a conference call soon.


What can I say, except BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE, Congrats….. & I am glad he is under contract to the Reds…… The REAL NL Gold Glove Right Fielder!

Well deserved. If this guy ever understands and applies “consistency”, the league better look out! He could really put some numbers up; however, maybe his inconsistency is what makes his numbers swell at times….hmmm.

I expect an MVP season from him sometime in the next five years. (Thought it might be this year.)

Bruuuuuuuuce! Way to go, Jay! I don’t think I realized just what a great season he was having.
Neb, I’m not sure how to quantify it, but it seemed like Bruce was less inconsistent this year than in past. I know his strikeouts were up, but didn’t he seem to have shorter/fewer slumps this season, or is that my imagination? His talk about “focusing on the process” rather than results makes sense to me as a good strategy for increased consistency. That sounds like something Joey Votto would say, but maybe I’m just not giving Jay enough credit as a cerebral ball player. I love that he and Votto have come up through the ranks together – I bet they’re both better players because of it.
I sure hope he’s wearing Red for a LONG time!

Ben, no, he was a streaky as hell. And, that is what amazes me. He could go 10-15 games and look like he had no business batting, yet over the next 10-15 games he looked like a world beater; and it happens year after year.

Mar/Apl – 115 AB – 1 HR – 11 RBI – .252/.312/.339/.651
May – 107 AB – 7 HR – 24 RBI – .290/.330/.607/.938
June – 109 AB – 10 HR – 21 RBI – .294/.331/.624/.954
July – 100 AB – 4 HR – 18RBI – .280/.339/.470/.809
Aug – 96 AB – 4 HR – 13 RBI – .229/.321/.406/.727
Sept/Oct – 99 AB – 4 HR – 22 RBI – .222/.342/.414/.756

And, for comparative purposes…

May – 108 AB – 4 HR – 15 RBI – .229/.296/.469/.765
Aug – 109 AB – 7 HR – 21 RBI – .290/.349/.600/.949

He is a hot n’ cold hitter and seldom in the same months; that’s something maybe the new batting coach can help cure. Imagine if Bruce could iron out the consistency…
superior D, a rocket arm that is now respected by NL teams, and then a complete season at the plate with fewer ups and downs…OMG!

Neb is a baseball STAT god….the new “wags”…(may he rip)…..

We can all argue stats because they are fact and universal, and yes, they can be elasticized and enhanced…however they are always a stick in the sand and relevant to each position, each player and each manager; always relevant because they size all the same way, less the “juiced” period; MLB appears to have finally taken care of that debacle. JMO. (ps…as you referenced “wags” and stated “rip”, I trust this was not
a person but a meaning in BB somehow; one I am totally not familiar with).

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