Coaching staff update

While talking to Reds GM Walt Jocketty about the qualifying offer made to free agent Shin-Soo Choo on Monday, I asked about the ongoing search to fill new manager Bryan Price’s coaching staff.

Without going into specifics, Jocketty said that the interviews of potential hires have begun.

“We’re still meeting and I’m still in Arizona doing that,” Jocketty said. “Hopefully by next week, we’ll have some decisions on guys and have a better idea of where we’re at with our staff.”

Both Jocketty and Price said on the day of Price’s press conference that there would be some holdovers from Dusty Baker’s staff. Assistant pitching coach Mack Jenkins was expected to remain in some capacity. After that, it’s unknown who might stay and who might go.

The off-season priority list for additions hasn’t really been made yet as the coaching staff remains ahead on the to-do list. Jocketty wants Price and the staff involved in talks of potential moves. Jocketty will remain in Arizona until the GM meetings begin on Monday in Orlando.


Two really great interviews with Price; he talks about everything, including
his chance to manage last year and why he chose not to. Lot of talk about his
personal philosophy. I think reds’ fans will be pleased this coming season.

Can we please think about replacing Brook Jacoby? Please. Please. Please. Please…

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