2013 GIBBY Awards voting

Some stuff here to plug my own company … fans can now vote on MLB.com’s 2013 GIBBY Awards. (GIBBY stands for Greatness in Baseball Yearly.)

The winners will be based on votes by media, front-office personnel, MLB alumni, fans at MLB.com and the Society for American Baseball Research.

Click here to vote.

This year’s GIBBY Awards feature nominees in 22 categories. Individual honors will go to the MLB MVP, in addition to the year’s best Starting Pitcher, Hitter, Closer, Setup Man, Rookie, Breakout Hitter, Breakout Pitcher, Comeback Player, Defensive Player, Manager, Executive and Postseason Performer.

GIBBY trophies also will be awarded for the year’s top Play, Storyline, Hitting Performance, Pitching Performance, Oddity, Walk-off, Cut4 Topic, Regular-Season Moment and Postseason Moment, with video available via MLB.com’s Must C highlight reels.

Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips are both nominees in the Top Play category. Remember these moments?


Using Joey Votto and heads up play in the same sentence is a shoo-in for the “oddity” award, right?

I grew up watching Willie Davis of the Dodgers here, around Pasadena, California. He made such spectacular catches that nobody, at the time, could make…robbing batter after batter of critical HR. This play by Phillips, above, is absolutely incredible.
I don’t know anybody else that could have possibly made the play; good lord knows
nobody would have tried it. Couple this play with a number of spectacular plays he
has made and I find him the best 2nd baseman, defensively, that I have ever seen.
And, I have followed baseball since 1959. The Managers and Coaches obviously saw what I saw this year.

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