World Series reenactments

This 2013 World Series is “some weird, wild stuff” as Dana Carvey imitating Johnny Carson might say. (I realize I may have dated myself big time there). Two never before seen endings to games the last two nights add to why I love watching and covering baseball. You just never know what you’re in for when you get to the ballpark.

Obviously, I’m not covering this series but I have unearthed some yet-to-be seen images about the game.

Here is ex-Red Jonny Gomes stepping into the box during the sixth inning just before his big three-run home run in Game 4.


And here is the final pickoff play at first base. Kolten Wong is played by Spiderman; Mike Napoli is played by Buzz Lightyear and 1B umpire Bill Miller is played by the Green Lantern.



Too funny Mark. Remember, you can’t spell RED SOX without REDS. Go SOX beat the cards

I’m dying-that is awesome! If you aren’t going to bring back the 3 stars of the game for next season, maybe you can replace it with “Action figure reenactment of the play of the game” Say yes!

I’m jealous. Here we have a grown man getting to show off his toys for all the world to see!

I wanted to see a re-enactment of Gomes readjusting his batting gloves after every pitch and Spider Man (with the way his head is tilted) looks dead. Dead to rights, maybe but dead none the less. I think some crime scene tape would be appropriate around Spidey.

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