Reports: Price gets the gig

Multiple reports have surfaced Monday night that pitching coach Bryan Price will be formally promoted to Reds manager on Tuesday. Click here for the story on

Some of the questions I got during the last couple of weeks when Price became a candidate to replace Dusty Baker as manager were what kind of manager might he be and would he hold players accountable.

On Sept. 24, we ran a story I wrote on Price and assistant pitching coach Mack Jenkins. The subject of accountability came up.

A quote from Homer Bailey:

“One thing I can say about them that’s helped not just the starting rotation but the bullpen is the fact that we are held accountable,” Bailey said. “We demand certain things out of everyone here, whether you’re the No. 1 starter on the team or the mop-up guy — it doesn’t matter. Our expectations are held so high. Some things are just unacceptable. Our starters are expected to go seven innings. We are expected to keep our team in the game. We are expected to put up quality starts.”

And here is a quote in that story from Price himself about how things changed after he became pitching coach for the Reds:

“This team hadn’t been in the playoffs for 15 years,” Price said. “There was room for improvement and room for change. I think for a guy like me, with 16 years of player-development experience as a player and coach, one thing you get when you’re in the Minor Leagues is the importance of fundamentals and accountability. I don’t have any idea what it was like here before, and I don’t imagine it was that much different. I do know that if somebody does something they shouldn’t do, we’ll call them out on it. Don’t cover first base or don’t hold runners close, don’t back up bases — when they come back into the dugout, they’re going to hear about it.”


He’s my pick.

Good choice IMHO.

Good. Now lets finally tighten up this team a bit.

Kudos! What a neat way of thknniig about it.

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