Five spots open

With Monday’s news that Jim Leyland stepped down as manager of the Tigers, it created a fifth managerial opening in the Major Leagues.

Does this news affect the Reds very much? Probably not, unless Detroit is interested in Bryan Price or Jim Riggleman. But suddenly there is a new top spot in terms of open jobs. The Tigers are a big-market, big-pocketed team that has won the American League Central each of the last three seasons and reached at least the AL Championship Series all three times. The Tigers went to the World Series in 2006 and 2012. They have Miguel Cabrera powering the lineup and that great rotation, aced by Justin Verlander.

Here’s how I would rank the managerial openings:

1. Tigers
2. Nationals
3. Reds
4. Mariners
5. Cubs

Washington goes ahead of Cincinnati because it’s a big-market, deep-talented team that if it makes wise decisions, can stay competitive longer and spend its way out of issues. The Reds have the talented, ready-to-win-now roster but it’s unlikely that a big Trade Deadline move will be made each summer nor will there usually be a giant free agent splash made each winter. Sure, the Mariners have been a mess and I know the Cubs are planning big renovations at Wrigley Field to make them more competitive in the long run — but no manager has seemed to be able to make it work in the North Side of Chicago long term and I’m not sure there is anyone out there who can satisfy the demands and limitations of that job.

I’m sure my list is open for debate, so have at it.


L would think Jim Leyland could win anywhere. He’s probably the best of the list.

When the Red Sox(!) out-athlete a team like they did the Tigers, then there are serious personnel decisions to make. Plus, the Detroit market is like the city itself, in decline.

shoey’s right about Leyland.

The worst job ever was the opportunity to succeed John Wooten as coach of the UCLA men’s basketball team after they had dominated the sport for years. The new coach had nowhere to go but down. By that reasoning, managing the Cubs would be a great job! Nowhere to go but up!

Since 2003, the Cubs have won three division titles (the Reds only two!) and each club has made it to the post-season an equal numbers of times (3). Looks as if Cincy might fit the same billing!

My ranking wouldn’t be much different. Your #1 and #5 are solid; we could argue numbers 2, 3 and 4, but that would be an effort in futility. This middling is pretty much half a dozen of this and half a dozen of that. What is more important to me is an unanswered question; what happened to Leyland? Why did he quit the team? Neb

Just heard…Leyland is stepping down because he doesn’t want to manage anymore; however, he wants to stay somewhere in the Tiger organization.

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