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Contrary to what some of you might think, I have no rooting interest for the Reds as a reporter. I cover the team, hope for the best stories and try to bring them to you the best way I can. That being said, it was still disappointing that the Reds went out in the Wild Card because it prevented me from the opportunity to write what I would have expected to be some compelling playoff stories and features.

When covers the playoffs, we send extra writers on the scene of each series and some really good content flows as a result. We were able to do some of it over the five-game NLDS last year with the Reds and Giants. This year — it’s happening elsewhere as some really good stories have come from our writers in October.

Some examples:

*Steve Gilbert did a piece of the 2003 trade that brought Adam Wainwright from his hometown Braves organization to the Cardinals. Along with Wainwright, the Cardinals also received pitchers Jason Marquis and Ray King in exchange for outfielder J.D. Drew and catcher Eli Marrero. Walt Jocketty has a quote in the story and it’s really been one of the better trades made in the decade, at least for St. Louis.

*Ian Browne wrote a game story late Sunday on the Red Sox fantastic finish to beat the Tigers.

*On Saturday, Jenifer Langosch rocked a game story from another nail-biter, where Carlos Beltran, aka “Mr. October 2.0” beat the Dodgers with his bat and his arm.

*And Alden Gonzalez has the story on Tigers RF Torii Hunter being OK after flipping over the outfield fence trying to catch David Ortiz’s game-tying grand slam.

*As an aside, I had the pleasure of covering both Ortiz and Hunter on the Twins beat for Ortiz wasn’t yet near the player he became in Boston — mostly because of injuries. But he was a blast to be around and always very candid. Hunter was one of the best players and interviews I’ve ever covered regularly. When he was younger, he owned center field and was never afraid to give up his body to make plays — something that once again showed last night.

Since Hunter is OK, I have an official reinactment of the play at the fence at Fenway Park.

torii 1



I would prefer you as a Red fan just telling the truth. So I hope you go elsewhere.

What truths don’t I tell?

And where should I go?

Anybody else find it idiotic that a guy who voluntarily comes to Mark’s blog would tell Mark to go somewhere else?

Nothing wrong with being a reds fan and beat writer.

Actually, there is. My objective is to report Reds news and information without bias. While I’m a big baseball fan in general, I can’t deliver credible news if it comes as a team specific fan or cheering section.

Mark, It’s hard for me to believe that first sentence about having no rooting interest in the Reds. As a reporter I’m sure you strive to be unbiased. In my opinion you’ve achieved that, and are to be commended. However, you’re certainly not a reporter 24/7. I’m sure you’ve interviewed & just talked to many, many Reds players during your tenure in Cincy, and I’m guessing some of the stuff was considered “off the record.” In any case, I’m also pretty sure that some guys have given you a hard time, and others couldn’t be nicer. Thus my point is, how can you not “root” for the good guys to perform well, then naturally have those wishes transfer to the team as a whole? I promise that if you ‘fess up to my premise I’ll keep it to myself. Heck, I’m in Abilene, TX; whom I gonna tell? Regards, Eric Vieth

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 17:52:20 +0000 To:

Forget these idiots. Thanks for your commitment to the ethics of journalism and your great work on the Reds beat. Unfortunately today, people seem only to seek out “news” that validates their own opinions and worldview. I suppose that’s as true in fandom as it is in the civic realm. Glad we have you to keep asking the tough questions when they need to be asked, shining a light on the team’s unmet challenges, but also documenting the success-story that has characterized most of the past four Reds seasons. Hope we’ll all get to read your Reds coverage in October 2014. That would be as good for you as the beat reporter as it would be for us fans!

Love the reenactment-so funny! Mark, you remain amusing and informative as always!

Many teams have writers that root for the teams they blog for. With that said I wish that more media outlets would go for the unbiased approach instead of attempting to manipulate the facts to their user base. Can you go work with CNN and teach them about not being a puppet? Of course if they were to pay you more that would change your unbiased approach as well. Can we all chip in for Mark to be a Reds fan and give us a biased blog here? We’ll call it a Red tax.

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