No news (yet)

I’d love to send you all off for the weekend with some exciting scoop on the Reds managerial search. The day is still young but I truthfully have nothing very exciting.

That doesn’t mean nothing is happening, of course. Reds GM Walt Jocketty is out in Arizona right now for organizational meetings and to watch the Arizona Fall League. Pitching coach Bryan Price lives in Arizona. Reds CEO Bob Castellini has business dealings in Arizona. It makes too much sense that if an interview for Price is going to happen, it would happen in … Arizona.

*It’s not a big deal that the Reds haven’t moved faster on this. The playoffs are going on and teams generally try to avoid making news so not to take the light off of the postseason. None of the other clubs with vacancies — the Cubs, Mariners and Nationals — have done anything either.

*Former Reds and Yankees star Paul O’Neill just went on the Dan Patrick Show this morning. O’Neill reiterated his desire to manage the Reds.

“Every once in a while, you see opportunities that just seem like ‘boy that would be really, really cool.’ I don’t know where this is going to go, but sure, if it was talked about or I had an opportunitiy to sit down with Mr. Castellini, I would definitely be interested in managing this team because I think this team can win and that’s basically what it’s all about.”

Have the Reds contacted O’Neill?

“I’ve talked to some people in the organization, obviously, I live here in Cincinnati. But I don’t think they will do anything — this is kind of the prized time in baseball for fans to sit back and watch the playoffs and try to keep other things out of the news.”

*Finally, I had to post this video link of an umpire who called a strike three with “whoomp, there it is!” It’s courtesy of the instagram account of former pitcher Mark Mulder, currently an ESPN analyst. He got it from ex-teammate Bobby Crosby’s brother I believe. I can’t stop watching this five-second video and maybe you won’t be able to stop either.

Click here to watch


I saw that umpire clip this morning and have watched it like a hundred times. I LOVE it. I would love to have an ump like that in my softball league!
Also, it strikes me as a little flippant to say “boy that would be cool” when it comes to managing a professional baseball team.

Hahahaha that video is to funny!!!
I don’t understand why the Reds didn’t trade off Arroyo instead of just letting him go in Free Agency. Can someone explain that to mean in a way in which it shows the Reds are serious about staffing a competitive team? The only thing that can be justified is that they went for broke and now that they didn’t make it the Franchise is going to be punished a bit.

His contract, long-standing, was structured in such a way that to trade him would have meant paying him all the deferred money the club still owes him immediately, in one lump sum up front. That would never work for a small market team like the Reds. In fact, the only way he could have been in Cincinnati these past few years was to have a huge chunk of the contract deferred into the future. And, of course, those harsh financial realities still prevail. They always will for tiny, marginal Cincinnati!

The Reds ARE competitive. They just need to get over the hump. Good question, though.My guess is that they were trying to win this year and Arroyo was part of the plan.

That is the first part. The 2nd part is that he has 10-5 trade veto rights and would block most teams because he liked his chances to be on a postseason roster with the Reds.

Even with the 10-5 thing, the Reds were on the middle of a pennant race and both Cingrani and Cueto were hurt, we needed Bronson to keep our pitching strong.

Oh I agree. I would have kept him, also. I am just that it would have been a waste if time to shop him, even if they wanted to get rid of him.

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