Paul O’Neill?

YES Network and Yankees play-by-play voice Michael Kay tweeted this out a short time ago on Wednesday:

@RealMichaelKay: Breaking news: sources say Yankees announcer Paul O’Neill has spoken with Reds owner Bob Castellini about the Reds’ vacant managerial job.

Obviously, Kay works with O’Neill, who is a former Reds right fielder and member of the 1990 World Series winners. The Reds have kept the external candidate list quiet, but this is certainly interesting. O’Neill has no managerial experience on his resume.

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UPDATE: Through a team spokesman, the Reds deny that they have contacted O’Neill about their managerial vacancy.


Hitting Coach — HELL YES!!!! Manager…. not sure….

Given the recent trend of managers without experience (Ventura, Weiss) why not? I am sure his intensity would light a fire under some, but fear that might burn others out quickly.

VERY interesting. That would certainly be a fresh face in the mix. Not sure if lack of managerial experience would be a factor, but doubt it. Girardi went from a similar deficiency, and it never hindered him (and many others -some of which the previous post mentioned). When you play as long (and well) as O’Neill, you understand the game. Baker was laid back. Maybe the Reds need some intensity. Might be worth a shot.

If there is one guy out there who might be able to get Jay Bruce to hit to his full potential, it is Paul O’Neill!

This would be the Perfect Hire!!!!

I can see him as a hitting coach but I don’t see him as manager material, but then again many a manager started with that question mark next to their names as well.

One thing that drives me nuts is how MLB forces teams to advertise for MLB on their local websites instead of advertisements to generate specific revenue for the team (aside from tickets and merchandise). Look at all the Qualcomm adds on our page this week. I counted 4 separate adds. Why not allow the Reds to generate revenue off of their website by putting up some local companies or business tie ins? Let the Yankees and Dodgers pay for MLB business they are the ones with the extra cash.

That idiotic interview that Matt Harvey did with Dan Patrick where he was pimping Qualcomm pretty much ensured that I hate Qualcomm. Super irritating.

Seriously? Castellini should leave it up to Walt Jocketty and not interfere

Be careful what you say….supposedly Jocketty is a Riggleman man….and that would be a disaster.

Hire him

Paul Oneill……heck yeah….Scott Rolen as hitting coach and somehow keep Price in town….can you say DREAM TEAM??? And all of those guys will be smart enough to see that with the number of walks and high OBP, to go along with lack of run production that Votto is batting in the wrong slot.

And remember guys this a Baseball Team, we are not managing microsoft here….experience is overrated when it comes to managing a baseball team….example – Mike Matheny

I get that managers want to choose their own coaches… But would love to get O’Neill, Davis, and Larkin back in this organization. All 3 have something to give to this team. Would be nice to maybe have Price as Mgr. Davis as hitting coach. O’Neill and Larkin as bench coaches keeping Hatcher in as First Base Coach. I just think they all have something to give to this team. I like O’Neill fire, Larkins knowledge of the game, and Davis persona. I know it would never happen but really like all three…

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