Riggleman, Bell and misc.

*Besides Bryan Price, two of the other names most mentioned for the Reds managerial opening have been Jim Riggleman and David Bell. I will have a full story soon up on MLB.com/Reds.com, but neither have been contacted as of yet by Cincinnati.

UPDATE: click here for the full story

Bell declined to comment because he remains under contract with the Cubs as third base coach through the end of October. Riggleman, of course, is an internal candidate already mentioned by GM Walt Jocketty.

“If I am on the list, it would be flattering in itself. I would look forward to talking to them,” Riggleman said on Tuesday.

Price told me on Monday he was contacted by the Reds and is interested in the job. But he declined further comment.

*In a story that posted on Monday, I provided an outlook towards 2014 and included the list of potential free agents and arbitration eligibles.

Free agents: OF Shin-Soo Choo; RHP Bronson Arroyo; LHP Zach Duke ; INF Cesar Izturis ; LHP Manny Parra ; RHP Nick Masset

Arbitration eligible: RHP Homer Bailey (third year), LHP Aroldis Chapman (first year) C Ryan Hanigan (third year) OF Chris Heisey (second year), RHP Mike Leake (second year), RHP Sam LeCure (first year); C Corky Miller (first year); OF Xavier Paul (first year); RHP Alfredo Simon (second year).

Other news:

*Other teams are also searching for a manager, including the Cubs. Click here for a story on two of their candidates — Manny Acta and Rick Renteria.

*Former 2007 Reds interim manager Pete Mackanin is returning to the Phillies as a third base coach under manager Ryne Sandberg. Mackanin spent 2013 as a scout for the Yankees after he was let go from Charlie Manuel’s coaching staff after the 2012 season. Former Phillies skipper Larry Bowa will be the team’s new bench coach.


Let’s hope whoever it is has a WINNING track record and can recruit THE BEST HITTING coach they can find.

Agreed, also, a leader and motivator, versus a “one of the guys” manager. One that makes tough decisions and gets out on the field and argues when necessary; protects his players with
fire in his belly. One that hands a position to a player and let’s him play there without 3-4-5 or more days off just for the sake of a “mental cleansing”; especially after a game where the player has multiple hits! Plate discipline and recognized situational hitting, coupled with our RISP that never touched home plate, were our crosses to bear last season; this must stop if we ever want to see more than a bunch of wins over lessor teams, over the length of a full season, sans the post season. And above all, le’s get it right this time around; we have a very gracious, participating and generous owner in Castellini…we need to reward him (and us) with a contentious team that plays like one. Signing a ‘hope and a prayer’ to a 2-3 year contract would be catastrophic given the players ages, contracts and playing abilities. We need to win NOW, not next year or the year after…we’ve done that already, and for many years. Castellini popped for increased player salaries from $87m-$106m and doesn’t have an endless checkbook…and we are not a major team playing in a major market. Again, let’s take aim and get the right guy!

Ah..The plot thickens!  I hope its Bryan Price!

I thought Chapman signed a 6 year contract when he first signed—how could he be eligible for arbitration? Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 19:31:30 +0000 To: tmfla2003@hotmail.com

2010 22 Cincinnati Reds $1,000,000
2011 23 Cincinnati Reds $3,835,772
2012 24 Cincinnati Reds $2,000,000 contracts
2013 25 Cincinnati Reds $2,000,000 contracts
2014 26 Cincinnati Reds $3,000,000
2015 27 Cincinnati Reds *$5,000,000 $5M Player Option
Earliest Arb Eligible: 2015
Earliest Free Agent: 2017

On Chapman’s 2015 “player option”…
Chapman must decide whether to accept or decline 2015 player option
within 5 days after end of 2014 World Series. Therefore, we may well
have him for only one more season.
I would consider trading him for a quality player while his stock is high and
before he starts to make a great deal of money or flat out leaves the Reds;
our bullpen is stacked with reasonable closers.

Excerpt from Mark’s article (MLB.com listed above…
Thus far, only one of the candidates — pitching coach Bryan Price — is known to have been contacted by general manager Walt Jocketty about interviewing for the job.
Other than to say he was interested in the position, Price declined to comment further when reached by MLB.com. No interviews are believed to have been set.
“We are not going to rush into anything,” Jocketty said on Tuesday. “We probably won’t do anything until after the World Series. I’m not going to rush just to get it over with.”
Good to at least know that Price is “interested”. I remain concerned, and now moreso, if Jocketty doesn’t pick Price. What then? Would Price remain with the Reds?
He clearly is a commodity for a number of teams, I would think.

How in the #%?! does Bell get any consideration?? Two losing seasons managing Pensacola, one of the worst records in Louisville history when he managed the Bats, and third base coach on a losing Cubs team? How exactly is that an improvement over Dusty??

His name is BELL. Rich in Cincinnati Reds tradition.

Thanks, Neb for not making me look up the stats on Bell. I didn’t think they were all to hot prior to this year. Although I don’t blame a crappy Cubs team on a third base coach, they’re the Cubbies – they lose … now THAT is a tradition. lol! I like Price as pitching coach – if it ain’t broke, let’s not fix it! Now, here’s a name i have not heard thrown out there yet (maybe he isn’t available, or isn’t interested) – Scottie Rolen !! I don’t think you’ll find anyone more dedicated. He’ll give it his all, that is for sure. I don’t know if his ALL would be good enough though. Obviously, there is no track record there. I said last year to sign Scottie Rolen to a contract of his choosing … front office, base coach, bench coach (not that I have a problem with Spier, Berry or Hatch). Heck, we could have signed him to be the water cooler coach! What better guy to have in the dugout, playing or not? I honestly think that made an impact on this team this year! If Rolen isn’t a big league manager someday, I think it will be of his own choice!

Just for the record…Bell’s stats with the Reds are as follows:
3 seasons AA 176-239 (.424
l season AAA 57-93 (.354)
Total: 560 GM 227-332 (.406)
Although these numbers don’t look all that well, it should be understood that the Red’s minor league system is need of a lot of work; their OBP and AVG stats throughout all levels was ranked nearly last in each league. They were even worse prior to Jocketty arriving. The bottom line is that the Reds were very high on David Bell for a host of reasons, until the Cubs snagged him this season. I think he will be managing at the ML level one day; which team is obviously the question.

It was always a long shot, but a very attractive long shot…Girardi signed with
Yankees; 4 years.

Red’s Trade Rumors – October 4th…
The Reds could deal second baseman Brandon Phillips this offseason, says Reds announcer Marty Brennaman (via MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone). With the firing of Dusty Baker, the Reds might be looking to give their team a makeover, and dealing Phillips would be the best way to clear payroll and acquire prospects, Brennaman says. Of course, it might be fair to question whether a 90-win team needs the kind of makeover that involves trading established players for prospects, or how easy it would be for the Reds to trade Phillips (who is 32, coming off a down season, and owed $50MM through 2017), for top-notch prospects in the first place.

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