Baker out as manager

The Associated Press first reported on Friday morning that Dusty Baker is out as Reds manager after six seasons, citing a person familiar with the situation.

The change in the dugout comes after the Reds were defeated in the National League Wild Card Game by the Pirates. Baker has a two-year contract through 2014. It was unclear whether he was dismissed or resigned.

UPDATE: I have confirmed the AP report that Baker is out.

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**UPDATE No. 2 at 10:40 am: The Reds made it official. Below is the press release:

Cincinnati Reds President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Walt Jocketty has announced the team will make a managerial change heading into the 2014 season.

The new manager will replace Dusty Baker, who went 509-463 in his 6 seasons in Cincinnati. There was no announcement regarding changes on the coaching staff.

“This was a very difficult decision to make. Dusty played an important role in the recent success of this organization, and we thank him for his contributions during his time here,” Jocketty said. “We feel a change is necessary, however, if we are to continue to move the organization forward.”

Baker, 64, originally was signed by the Reds to a 3-year contract in October 2007.


Bad move.


Yes, really.

Best move that possibly could have been made…period.

I like Dusty, but I think it had to be done.

I was thinking this AM about the Reds…about what they can do for 2014. I’m not terribly surprised about Baker. For some reason, this team didn’t have it all together, like in 2013. They would lose games in unusual ways. I don’t think Votto came up to his standard of 2013…good year, but not a great year. The only player who really played well was Choo, and the Reds will likely lose him for next year and I believe that is a mistake. Look at the Cards. They lost players during the season and still won the Central.
I believe the Reds need a manager like Joe Madden. This team has probably the smallest payroll, which means the don’t has star players, and Madden finds ways for the Rays to win. Now…that is the kind of manager the Reds need.
The fans kept waiting for the Reds to put together a good winning streak, but they never did. They should have had better records against the Pirates and Cards.
Dusty was a likeable coach, but not a great coach (Manager).

I hate this move. I know I’m pretty much in the minority, but I love Dusty. He is not to blame for their early post season exits. He can’t force Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips to hit the ball. He wasn’t to blame for Phillips booting an easy double play. If anything, Cueto is far more to blame for their post season demise the past 2 years than Dusty is. Dusty has gotten them to the post season 3 times…at some point it’s up to the players to actually perform. Although, I would’ve liked to see Dusty bunt less and pull his starters sooner.

I agree this loss was not his fault at all. Nothing he really could have done, but maybe do something to fire them up. I do but the Giants series loss last year on him. You dont loss 3 in a row at home. You just dont. And the move should have been made last year. This year was odd and Dusty made some odd moves at times, but difficult to tell if a different mgr changes anything this past year.

He is absolutely to blame for not doing anything when Phillips burst in and insulted C Trent. He did nothing other than defend Votto when he ran through the stop sign at 3B. He has let Phillips make many base running blunders over the years and rarely would discipline him. The team lacked focus and has lacked focus at many times throughout his time in Cincinnati. At times, mind boggling line ups. Jocketty’s interview with Seg was eye opening. They had asked Dusty to address some things and he never did. I would think that one of them was the Phillips outburst. Another might have been all of the base running mistakes this year. Another might have been about moving the lineup around to get some production in the two hole. I have no idea but to say that Dusty got short changed or wronged is insane.Tony Perez got short changed NOT Dusty. Jocketty also said that they had been talking about this while the season was still going on. As for blaming Cueto for the post season troubles, whatever. That is just insane.

I knew this would happen,see SF and the Cubs.The mood of the team had to change.This is a start. Girardi will be contacted, maybe even Ozzie G.Price,the pitching coach, I feel will be the choice in the end.However,they still won’t beat the Cardinals next year. WC again.

We finished in 3rd place, 7 games out. Regardless of the comparative size of our payroll, ownership didn’t make the commitments they did with the goal of finishing in 3rd place, 7 games out. Maybe we didn’t have the talent to win the World Series, but really, 3rd place, 7 games out?? There were several times when I knew the minute I saw the starting line-up that we weren’t going to win particular games. Ultimately, the fantasy of the 2nd wild card position gave us a false sense of accomplishment. The sad thing is Dusty is probably the nicest human being ever to manage our team and we have some of the most fan friendly players in history, but something has to change.

By Charlie Wilmoth [October 1, 2013 at 10:17pm CST]
The Reds could have claimed outfielder Marlon Byrd, who the Pirates acquired in August, but they passed on the chance, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports notes (on Twitter). Byrd was owed near the league-minimum salary and was in the midst of a solid year, and it was well-known that the Reds’ division rivals in Pittsburgh needed an outfielder. The Reds had waiver priority, and thus could have blocked the Mets from trading Byrd to Pittsburgh. But they didn’t, and he homered against them in their 6-2, season-ending loss to the Bucs Tuesday night. The primary purpose of claiming Byrd would have been to block the Pirates from getting him, but it’s worth noting, too, that the righty Byrd could have been quite helpful for the Reds tonight against Bucs lefty starter Francisco Liriano, who baffled the Reds’ lefty-heavy lineup with sliders. Here are more notes from around the big leagues.

And that is somehow Dusty’s fault?

Bottom line: a change was needed. I know you can’t always blame the manager even though Dusty has made some VERY questionable decisions over the years. I think it will be good to get someone in there who is not the players best friend.

This had to be done and I’m glad it was. Dusty seems like a great person and I wish him well but we weren’t going to take the next step with him as manager. It would have been ugly for him here next year. It’s best that he doesn’t have to go through that. Now that this part is done … it will be really interesting to see what other moves are made.

The only way to go is Brian Price…imo

Well, I don’t think that Bran Price should replace Dusty. Keep him as pitching coach and promote Billy Hatcher. Then promote Miquel Cairo as first base coach. But no matter who they get as a new manager they will never be able to stand up to Sparky Anderson or Lou Pinnella.

Its a great day in Cincy, I feel refreshed and ready for April 2014 already….I would love to see Griffey Sr or Joe Morgan in the managers seat, probably wont happen…I like Bryan Price or David Bell also.

How bout an article on the fan’s extreme joy about this news Sheldon??

I doubt Mark shares your joy.

Not publically he wont…..besides, I dont think I asked him if he was happy about it.

Walt had to do something in order to save his own job! ha ha ha. It is true, Baker should not take the full blame, but motivating the team is part of the job!!!

I would hope there are better ways to motivate players than by firing their mentor.

?????? I think the idea is to bring someone in that knows how to motivate, not coddle.

No, John, the idea is to have somebody that wins and keeps a cohesive clubhouse, which he did.

Obviously, we disagree on what Baker brought to the table,,,if you are comfortable with backing a talented team into the playoffs each year and getting embarrassed then I would suggest you follow Baker where ever he lands next

But that is the entire point. The failures in the playoffs do not fall solely on Dusty. In fact, this year, very little of it falls on Dusty, and yet, he is the one losing his job and that isn’t right.

Maybe this turns out for better. Nobody can know that yet. But Dusty Baker has been a huge part of turning this franchise around. Regardless of what happens in the near future, his fingerprints are all over this team.

I think the only thing more sad than a man losing his job for things that were beyond his control, and having a bit of bad luck, is the fact that he will never be appreciated by the fans like he should have been.

Ok. No he didnt cause their loss in Pitt… But he is a reason they were playing in that game. And he is a reason that they had such a lackadaisical performance this last week. I think with the extension from last year was the idea that this team would move forward not regress. I know they lost some players but good teams move beyond that. St L won two WS without their best pitchers in 06 and 11. It was a move that had to happen just for the fact to get over the hump. Maybe it works maybe it doesnt. We will see…

I like Dusty; I respect him. This year, he had key players on the DL for long stretches. And I don’t know the specific dynamics in the clubhouse. Maybe it was time to go. I don’t know.

I have been a Reds’ fan for a long time. I am Dusty’s age. I remember when he played for the Dodgers. I remember when DeWitt sent Frank Robinson to the O’s for Milt Pappas. I remember when Howsam and the Reds hired Sparky. I remember when Wagner fired Sparky. I remember when the Reds acquired Joe Morgan and George Foster. I remember when Wagner dumped Tony Perez; he let Rose, Morgan and Gullett leave. I remember Marge Schott. My Dad told me stories about the great Lom (Ernie Lombardi) and the short shrift & disrespect the Reds showed him. Now Dusty has been fired. I have seen good, bad, ugly and beautiful. We will have to see what happens.

I sure hope the Reds don’t talk with Ozzie Guillen or Bobby Valentine about the managerial vacancy. I respect neither of those guys. I wonder if Joe Morgan would make a good manager. I wonder if he is interested.

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