Players react to Baker news

I reached out to several Reds players today and got some reaction to the news that Dusty Baker is out as Reds manager. Most were surprised or had heard only minutes before I reached out. Todd Frazier, for example, saw it on the news ticker on his television.

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Here is a snippet of a text message from Jay Bruce:

“It’s obviously a bit shocking,” Bruce said. “I understand that it’s a business and when teams don’t accomplish what’s expected of them there are changes, but any way you slice it, Dusty was an integral part of turning the organization around. The Cincinnati Reds became relevant again with Dusty at the helm, and that’s something people should never forget.”


From Sports Talk; August 20th…
“Brian interviewed for the Marlins managerial job last year. I’d find it stunning if more teams didn’t make a run at him this season. He is smart, articulate and relates well to rookies and veterans. Would the Reds make a deal with Price to become manager after Dusty’s contract runs out after 2014? Bryan is a very loyal guy. He resigned his job as Diamondbacks pitching coach after manager Bob Melvin was fired during the 2009 season.”
It would be a shame to lose this guy.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot to fund a contending team. And fans seldom if ever respect the owner and what he has to pay his team. In fairness, we don’t see the books, nor should we, but we should all be cognizant that this is a business, even though it is also considered a game. To not make it farther into the playoffs, year after year after year is telling. And, in any business, the person that has control over daily decisions either reaps the rewards or otherwise; in this case, the “otherwise” is Baker’s fate.

Here is the list of replacements for Baker that I have read about:
Bryan Price
Jim Riggleman
David Bell
Tony La Russa
Chris Speier
Barry Larkin
I am sure that there are others…

Mr. McCoy’s short list…
By Hal McCoy
Now that the Cincinnati Reds have said “So long, farewell, goodbye” to Dusty Baker, the speculation begins as to who will be next in the managerial office swivel chair. Some early speculation, in alphabetical order:
1. DAVEY JOHNSON didn’t want out of Washington, but the Nationals told him 2013 was his last year. Johnson never got to finish what he started in Cincinnati in 1995 when Marge Schott pushed him out the door. Does he want to manage?
2. BARRY LARKIN is content as a baseball analyst on television but he managed Team Brazil in the World Baseball Classic. While he has no other managerial experience he would be a popular public relations move.
3. JOE MORGAN always said he doesn’t want to manage but as a close advisor to general manager Walt Jocketty maybe he can be talked into it. And he does have a statue in front of the stadium.
4. BRYAN PRICE was Dusty Baker’s pitching coach and an extremely popular coach in the clubhouse. Baseball people believe he would be an excellent manger. But like Baker he is very low key and soft-spoken. Is that what the Reds want?
5. JIM RIGGLEMAN managed the team’s Class AAA affiliate in Louisville and has major league managerial experience with the San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals. Do the Reds want experience or a fresh face?
6. CHRIS SPEIER was Baker’s bench coach and stepped in as interim when Baker was suspended for three games in 2010 for the fight with the St. Louis Cardinals and in 2012 when Baker suffered a minor stroke toward the end of the season. Speier has an edge to him, a fiery personality, but do the Reds want one of Baker’s guys to replace him?
7. RICK SWEET was highly successful as a manager for the Class AAA Louisville Bats and managed many of the current Reds. He has been with several organizations in their minor-league systems and is a roving instructor with the Reds. Do the Reds want to stay within the system.

How about Ron Oester?

How about Scott Rolen?

I hope they talk to the following:
• Joe Morgan
• Davey Johnson
• Charlie Manuel
• Joey Cora
• Joe Girardi
• Bob Brenly
• Mike Scioscia
• Barry Larkin
• Sandy Alomar Jr.

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