Latos or Bailey for NLDS G1?

We’re about an hour from first pitch at PNC Park. Both batting practices are completed. The Reds were predictably booed off of the field when they finished their rounds of BP.

Obviously if the Reds win, they move on to St. Louis for the NL Division Series. Asked who would start that still potential Game 1 for his club, Dusty Baker said this:

“It would probably be between Homer [Bailey] or [Mat] Latos,” Baker said.

Latos was moved back from starting tonight because of arm soreness that was revealed by X-rays to be a bone spur. It sounded like Latos was feeling better.

“Oh, it’s been a miraculous improvement,” Baker said.


Thank you Mark for all the information you provided and the platforms that you provided for us to chit chat on…much appreciated. Hope to see you next year!

Now that your question is a very sadly moot point, I wonder, Mark, if you listened to Brantley’s comments in the top of the 7th, about how a team should put more importance on some games than others, instead of treating them all the same, as the Reds have done, so therefore they’re “tight” tonight. What a revelation! Why haven’t we heard this kind of talk before? Now Marty: ‘There are no big-game players on this ballclub.” Wow! Reading between the lines, I’d say they’re looking at the manager on down. But then, you probably have more insight than I. I hope you read this and answer in kind. Regards, Eric Vieth

Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 23:13:59 +0000 To:

I would have to think there will be some drastic changes to the make up of this ball club this off season.

I sure hope so. My fear is April 1, 2014 will look very similar.

Change the hitting instructors in the minors, to begin with. The organizational philosophy on hitting is way off base. Fire the current MLB coaching staff. Might seem rash but they do not generally have very good hitting numbers in the minors. Numbers will only get worse when one hits MLB. AAAAArrrrrGGGGGhhhhhh.

Thanks, Mark. The Pirates had the magic, the Reds didn’t. Oh, well. There can’t be anybody in Cincinnati who doesn’t hope the Pirates beat the Cards. Go Bucs!

I hope the Reds don’t waste another year with Dusty as the manager. If they thought this year was tough … think what it would be like with Dusty being Dusty as a lame duck manager. There is NO way that works so just fire him and save him from going through that next year. There is no way the fan base will be excited about next year with Dusty at the helm again. This Reds team can’t stand the pressure. It’s been obvious for some time now. They need a manager who doesn’t try to protect them from the pressure but embraces it and takes it head on. That’s the only way they get over the hump … in my humble opinion.

The bottom line with this team is it lacked a leader from the manager on down. No sense of urgency . Couldn’t execute the fundamentals of the game when it matter most. Took winning for granted and just didn’t seem to care. I know they did but it just didn’t seem like it. Hopefully management can tweak enough to make it work in 2014. Thanks for the blog. It was fun.

Latos or bailey? I surely would not count on the inconsistent Bailey. Bailey is a number 4 starter who refused to work out a contract last year. Seems like Bailey will go thru arbitration and then jump ship. Bailey can be phenomenal or he can be dismal. I will miss Arroyo and we have one pitch Cingrani and Chapman to pick up the slack. What the Reds need is a dominant, experienced starter to lead the pack.
Detroit, St. Louis and the Yankees have that. The Reds have several pitchers still in the learning mode. They are not there yet. Arroyo is the closest but age is catching up with him. But he is not done yet. Some team will get good benefit from him. I still enjoyed the Reds this year but I had hoped for better. Chapman needs innings and experience. Oh yes command also. Better luck next year but every team will be better next year.

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