Phillips expected to play

The Reds are currently on the field for their off day workout at PNC Park. Among the players out there are 2B Brandon Phillips.

After taking a foul ball off of his leg Saturday, Phillips had some nasty swelling above his left shin. That swelling has subsided. Reds manager Dusty Baker not only pronounced Phillips good to go for Tuesday’s Wild Card game vs. the Pirates, he provided the quote of the day.

“I expect Brandon to be in there,” Baker said. “I saw him yesterday. I told him, ‘he wasn’t limping, he was pimping’ …not literally.”

*As for the Wild Card roster, the Reds will not set or announce it until Tuesday morning.


From February 15, 2013…
Opening MLB Season Win-Totals:
RJ Bell,, Las Vegas
90 Detroit Tigers, LA Dodgers, Washington Nationals
89.5 Los Angeles Angels
88.5 Cincinnati Reds
87 Texas Rangers
86.5 New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays
86 Atlanta Braves, SF Giants, Tampa Bay Rays
85.5 St. Louis Cardinals
83 Oakland Athletics

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from ESPN 1530 Cincinnati…By listener named Jeff.
Votto 197 Games Before and 197 Games Since the Knee Injury:
Before: 720 AB, 62 Dbl, 38 HR, 127 RBI, 136 BB, .318 avg, .565 slg.
After: 692 AB, 41 Dbl, 24 HR, 82 RBI, 169 BB, .303 avg, .475 slg.
As you can see Votto has walked 33 more times since the injury, while hitting 35 fewer doubles and homers. You can debate the reasons why this occurred, but the bottom line is, trading doubles and homers for walks results in far fewer team runs scored.

Well 35 of those games were last season after he returned for the surgery, so those stats are somewhat skewed.

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