Reg. season ends, playoffs begin

The Reds will head into the postseason on a season-high tying five-game losing streak after a 4-2 loss to the Pirates that meant a three-game series sweep. The Reds end their season 90-72.

*There were some troubling trends: eight runs in the five losses. One quality start from the rotation (Mat Latos on Wednesday).

*Most of the regulars were out of the game by the fifth inning. And the starter Greg Reynolds, who gave up three runs over five innings, is not a regular member of the rotation. Only one Pirates regular, Pedro Alvarez, was in their starting lineup on Sunday.

*Jeremy Warnemuende has the game story on Click here to read.

The good news? Everything starts over on Tuesday at the NL Wild Card game.

“You’ve got to block it out,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said of the team’s slide. “It’s a situation where it’s a new season. What you did previously, it doesn’t matter. What you didn’t do previously doesn’t matter. Now you start the season all over.”

“Not a lot of teams are in this position to play on,” shortstop Zack Cozart said. “A lot of teams are playing today and going home. We’ve got a chance to go out and play in Pitt., which is going to be a good atmosphere. We enjoyed playing there the last time there on the road a week ago. It was fun to play. With Johnny going, we’re obviously pretty confident.”

Quick notes:

*The Cardinals completed their three-game series sweep of the Cubs on Sunday and earned the top seed in the NL postseason. That means the winner of the Reds-Pirates Wild Card game heads to St. Louis for the Division Series that would start on Thursday at Busch Stadium.

*Closer Aroldis Chapman, who last pitched on Wednesday vs. the Mets, threw a side bullpen session today.

“We were contemplating throwing him today, but with the field conditions the way they were, you didn’t want to take a chance of anybody getting hurt,” Baker said. “They took even less chances than we did. The way the mound looked and the way the conditions were, you would hate for him to play in a game like that and pulled something or hurt something or whatever.

*The Reds had their 16th sellout of the season with 40,142 fans. That brought the 80-game season total to extend the Great American Ball Park record to 2,492,059 fans. Had a “home” game not been played at San Francisco to makeup for a rainout, GABP could have had 2.5 million fans this season.

*The Wild Card roster is not set, yet. I expect we’ll see that on Monday. The Reds have a PNC Park workout from 6-8 p.m. ET.

*See you from Pittsburgh on Monday.


Who, honestly, thinks this team is capable of going very far in the playoffs ? They can’t execute any fundamental offensive baseball. Are they capable of beating Pittsburgh in a one game playoff ? Yea. Can the beat the Cardinals in a five game series. NO WAY. Also , who would’ve thought the Indians would finish with a better record than the Reds ? Certainly not me. Can you say sense of urgency and leadership ? The Reds can’t.

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We win a few in a row and some people think we’ve got the next big red machine. A rookie gets 3 hits and a bunch of stolen bases and is immediately crowned by some as one of the game’s all-time greats. We lose a few in a row and Jim here thinks we’ve got no chance at all. Comment sections, I suppose are mostly populated by those that tend toward the extreme ends of fandom.
I think there are plenty of us, Jim, that think the Reds have a good chance. The last week has been tough but it’s been a GOOD SEASON that has included, more often than not, GREAT PITCHING and GREAT DEFENSE. We scored more runs than all but two teams in the NL. Do you know what that means? On the whole (not this week, mind you) the offense has been VERY GOOD. Baseball is full of highs and lows. Every team plays well here and there, has a week with quiet bats here and there. Doesn’t advance the runner, even though they’ve practiced it since little league. Every team. Every manager. Accept it. Love it! It’s part of baseball. You couldn’t do better. Admit it. You’ll be happier for it.
I do worry about a 1-game playoff (play-in) game… There’s a lot of luck in baseball. I hope it bounces our way come Tuesday… It’s the postseason! GO REDS!

I DO hope the reds win. I really do. I just don’t have a lot of confidence in a team that is so streaky. And right now they’re in a funk. You just can’t turn it on like a light switch. The Cardinals are proven winners and I don’t see the reds getting by them. Maybe they will. I don’t think Dusty can motivate this team either. There is no other team that is a streaky as the 2013 reds and you can’t convince me otherwise.

BREAKING NEWS>>. DUSTY WILL START CORKY MILLER, and bat him in the lead off spot. It has also been reported that Dusty has requested that Hamilton be left off the playoff roster, and keep Soto up instead….he will start in centerfield

I heard he was going to start Chapman to get him ready for a starters role next year. He ‘s also going to give Phillips and Bruce the day off to make sure they’re rested for the Cardinal series.

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