Choo: X-rays negative, available

Shin-Soo Choo and his jammed left thumb were doing OK on Sunday morning. Choo expected to be available for the series finale vs. the Pirates, if needed. He expects to be back in the lineup Monday vs. the Mets.

“I was warming up in the sixth inning last night and ready to pinch-hit,” Choo said. “It was tough to stay in the dugout. I don’t like sitting in the dugout. I want to play every day. That’s me. Especially in a team situation, it’s very tough sitting in the dugout watching the game. I can’t do anything. I can’t help my team. That’s the most tough time for myself on a team.”

X-rays taken on the thumb were negative. He had a plate and screw put on his thumb during a 2011 surgery.

“The doctor said the bone was ok,” Choo said. “I saw it and after that, my mind was better. I think I healed quicker. Every hour, I feel better. I keep moving it.”

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I think Hamilton is making a case; a case for only “attempting” to sign Choo to a lukewarm deal that will probably be turned down. Hamilton is starting to look the part and capable of playing full time ball. The only question…is he capable of batting .270 and producing an OBP of say, .325-.350. Nice position for Jocketty to be in.

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