Game 153: at HOU

*First Major League start for Billy Hamilton…

Reds lineup vs. Astros

Choo 7
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Ludwick DH
Frazier 5
Cozart 6
Mesoraco 2
Hamilton 8

Reynolds 1


I like that Dusty is using today as a shot at getting Hamilton a start and some at bats. His speed could be crucial in the post season.

Above all, he gets experience at the major league level and continues to hone his own skills against far better SP and far better C. He seems to be adapting quickly, but still needs repetition and regularity in order to excel. Love the fact that he is so acceptable to learning and part time playing; he could be a huge puzzle if we aren’t able to sign Choo. Let’s see how he tackles major league pitching, full time or full game.

Any ideas on what happens if the Reds, Pirates, and Cardinals all end the season with the same record? My son and I were just wondering.

Next two series SP matchups…
9/20 Cin @ Pitts – Latos/Liriano
9/21 Cin @ Pitts – Bailey/Burnett
9/22 Cin @ Pitts – Arroyo/Locke
9/23 Mets @ Cin – Wheeler/Cueto
9/24 Mets @ Cin – Harang/Leake
9/25 Mets @ Cin – Niese/Reynolds

More complete from Lance McAlister
Cincinnati 1530 ESPN
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Latos vs Liriano Pirates
Saturday: Bailey vs Burnett Pirates
Sunday: Arroyo vs Locke Pirates
Monday: Cueto vs Wheeler Mets
Tuesday: Leake vs Harang Mets
Wednesday: Latos vs Mets
Thursday: Off
Friday: Bailey vs Pirates
Saturday: Arroyo vs Pirates
Sunday: Cueto vs Pirates
Monday: Potential NL Central division tie-break (Latos?)
Tuesday: Potential Wild Card game (Latos?)

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