Game 152: at HOU

Reds lineup vs. Astros

Choo 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Paul DH
Frazier 5
Cozart 6
Mesoraco 2
Robinson 7

Leake 1

*Joey Votto is batting .430 (58-for-135) in 34 career games at Minute Maid Park, including a still-going 22-game hitting streak. The odds are in Votto’s favor tonight. He is 5-for-7 lifetime vs. Astros pitcher Jordan Lyles.


Per Hal McCoy…
“As of now the plan is for Cueto to pitch the last game of the season against the Pirates in Great American Ball Park — a game that could determine a lot of things, maybe first place, maybe second place for home field advantage in the wild card play-in game on Tuesday after the season.”
Gotta wonder how that is thought about by Latos.
Could be though, he has grown up and has matured considerably; thus realizing the reality of the situation.

… Or he is pumped to be the apparent Game 1/Wild Card starter.

Odds to Win 2013 National League Pennant
Los Angeles Dodgers 1/1
St. Louis Cardinals 11/4
Atlanta Braves 3/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 6/1
Cincinnati Reds 7/1
Washington Nationals 100/1
(as of September 16th)

I wonder why the Reds are behind the Pirates. Five game series, Reds pitching trumps the Pirates.

Couple of thoughts…1) they are and have been ahead of the Reds for most of the season, and 2) they have beaten the Reds 7 out of 13 games,

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