Where things stand

Greetings from Houston, where I am still wrapping my head around the fact that the Reds and Astros will meet in an Interleague series of three games.

After the outcomes at Milwaukee and vs. the Cubs, a sweep of worst record in baseball Houston would seem rather paramount, no? Maybe not paramount, but certainly needed.

Here are where the Reds are in terms of the postseason hunt.

84-66, Third place and 3.5 games out of first place in NL Central behind STL & PIT. 12 games remain for the Reds.

CIN is 4.5 games up on WAS for the second NL Wild Card spot. The magic number for the Reds to clinch is 9.

If the season ended today:

St. Louis at Pittsburgh on Monday, September 30 to determine the NL Central champion (the teams have the same W-L record but Pittsburgh won the season series, 10-9), then:

NL Wild Card: Cincinnati at Wild Card #1 (PIT/STL)

NL Division Series ‘A’: NL Wild Card winner (CIN/PIT/STL) at Atlanta

NL Division Series ‘B’: LA Dodgers at NL Central champion (PIT/STL)


With any other manager, I would give the Reds an outside chance, but with Baker , no chance.

Agree. Nice guy, bad manager. With a good mamager , the reds would be in first place. One game playoff, anyone can win . After that , not a chance.

Actually, if we can get into the series after a 1-game playoff, pitching and defense are the most consistent attributes in winning; we would have a chance. However, like last year in the 3rd game with San Francisco, our batting, once again, went silent. With that said I would love to see us get beyond the Pirates (WC #1?) and we would then size up with Atlanta; we are 3-4 against them this season. Of course, beating Atlanta will be no cake walk and thereafter, a team like the Cards or Dodgers would formidable, without a doubt. In any event, thinking like an owner…we need to play into the playoffs and generate revenues in order to have any chance of signing key players (ie; Choo, Latos, Bailey, etc.). One last note; when Cozart, Frazier and Mesoraco livened up their bats at about the same time that Phillips returned to the 2 hole, the Reds sawed the Dodgers and Cards in half (6-1), only to have a major letdown against the Cubs (1-2). That focus and first-time-this-year group effort could beat anyone, yet it is fleeting and inconsistent. Let’s hope ‘it’ returns, everyone puts their shoulder to the wheel and the lineup is fixed throughout the playoffs. Under those circumstances we have a shot at the brass ring; at minimum we will play into the playoffs and generate those monies we need to sign the talent. Attendance and Local TV Rights are the largest 2 cash generators for Castellini and the Reds.

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