Game 151: at HOU

Reds lineup vs. Astros

Choo 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Ludwick DH
Frazier 5
Cozart 6
Hanigan 2
Heisey 7

Cueto 1


Who is coming off the 40 man roster?

I like the lineup. Probably the best we can put out there. Except mez would be stronger offensively… Lets hope for a sweep…

I agree. I think that Mesoraco is finally settling in and feeling comfortable. Before mid season the guy couldn’t throw many out; now he is gunning (25% versus 20% in 2012). Also, he looks far more comfortable in handling any and all SP and BP pitchers; still needs to work on PB. Lastly, he is showing he is far more comfortable at the plate…9 HR, 39 RBI, 301 AB, .246/.297/.375/.672.
The rest of the lineup looks stout…when they perform as a team.

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