Cueto, Marshall activated

As you already knew, RHP Johnny Cueto has been activated from the 60-day disabled list to start tonight vs. the Astros. But there is a second transaction…

LHP Sean Marshall has also been activated from the 60-day DL. He has been out with a sprained left shoulder since May 24.

To make room on the 40-man roster, RHPs Kyle Lotzkar and Josh Ravin have been designated for assignment.


All the activation in the world is not going to help a mismanaged team.

Agree. I wonder who Dusty is going to try and make happy tonight. Can you feel 3 1/2 ?

Are Jim and Ron Fulton the same person, or at least on same computer? Seriously starting to wonder… same comments day after day, hour after hour.

They won’t be on your Tuesday blog because the Reds won the game before. It’s very predictable.

No. Just don’t think Dusty Baker has what it takes to get the Reds to the next level. Evidently , neither does Ron.

This team has several flaws. None of which are Dusty Baker.

I know when a pitcher walks the bases loaded it has to be the managers fault. I mean if Dusty would just tell the pitcher to throw strikes it would be ok. Terrible mananging of pitches. I mean he does some goofy things at times but you cant blame him for that last loss to Mil… The players have to do their job too…

I can’t believe Dusty just lets his guys make outs with a guy on third and less than two outs. No other manager in baseball allows that to happen. It’s a joke. It’s those kind of managerial decisions that makes me want him gone, now. Doesn’t matter who they bring in, he’ll be better than Dusty, no question about it. Boy, that was fun.

By Lance McAlister
1530 ESPN Cincinnati
Games remaining: Reds 11, Cards 12, Pirates 12
Playoff picture
Cards 87-63 —-
Pirates 87-63 —
Reds 85-66 2.5
Nationals 79-70 4.5 behind Reds for 2nd WC
Reds remaining schedule:
@Hou 2, @Pit 3
H Mets 3, H Pirates 3

Hey, two-and-a-half back. This seems to be the magic threshhold the Reds can’t get over. Some team needs to get hot. Why not the Reds? How about Cueto pitching well without benefit of a rehab stint! Does he have time to work his way back into the post-season rotation (assuming the Reds survive the Wild Card elimination)? Curt and I are on record – first by the 23rd. Very doable. Dusty is not the issue. He got them 19 games over .500. They need to get themselves 22 games over. Go Reds!

What’s in the Red’s hands? Well, 6 games with the Pirates, that’s what. But, it doesn’t play well into the hands of the Cards; they play @ Colorado for 3, @ Milwaukee for 3,
then at home for their final 6 split with Washington and Cubbies. That appears to mean that the Reds will either play in Pittsburgh for the opportunity to play on…or if they play well, they could host the one-game WC playoff against the Pirates. Cards are in the catbirds seat for Division Champs imo.

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