Games 148-150: at MIL

I’m not at Milwaukee for the three games vs. the Brewers. I will join the trip in Houston and be covering every game the rest of the way until the season ends … whenever that might be.

Please talk amongst yourselves (nicely)…and thanks.


Only decision in the Red’s future is where they will play their 1-game playoff with the Pirates; will it be in Pittsburgh or Cincinnati…that will be answered after the final 6 games with them as well. I don’t think the Cards will buckle under the rest of the way; they won again today/tonight.

The playoffs will be starting shortly. We, at best, will remain in the playoffs if we can win a 1-game series with either the Pirates or Cards. Moreover, playoffs are won with pitching and up-the-middle fielding. However, with this years version of the Reds we could even lose with those attributes due to our off-on lineup and hitting. Too many times we have lost games where our lineup and hitting has left us for a game or two; ie: Cubs game against less than stellar SP…we lost 2-0. This lack of focus cannot occur or, once again, all the effort this season will be for not.

I don’t think the Reds deserve to be in the playoffs. Their offense is inconsistent, the bullpen is suspect at blowing late leads….big leads sometimes. Starting pitching is their only strength. You can not lose 4 out of 6 games to two bad teams this late in the race. It’s time to reorganize the team in the off season by trading some players who can’t seem to stay healthy and a new manager as well.

Wow I am really worried that they may not make it to the post season. I really thought this was almost impossible but they are making it difficult to believe in them right now. If they lose the post season Dusty and the hitting coach have to go. I am not saying its their fault but this team has the players as its proven with the amount of wins they have the past 4 years. Doubt that would ever happen. I really hope they can at least get to the one game playoff, having my doubts.

It would be difficult to see Washington take over the Reds for the 2nd WC position, but of course, it isn’t impossible. If Washington won their last 13 games; going 13-0, the Reds would need to go 8-4 over their last 12 games in order for a tie…both teams going 92-70. More realistically, if Washington went 9-4, for example, the Reds would need to go 4-8 in order for a tie; both going 88-74 for the season. Just can’t see Washington catching the Reds this season. However, with that said, once we make the one game playoff…your concern takes on more validity.

Lets not forget . The best asset the Nationals have is Dusty Baker. The way he manages , the Cubs and Brewers could catch the Reds. (ie) Why use the entire bullpen the final 2 1/3 inning. Can’t even one reliever go more than 1 INNING. Better watch what you say Neb. The Nationals are playing the best baseball in the league right now. The Reds are more than capable of losing this lead.

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