What’s next for Cueto? TBA

Reds RHP Johnny Cueto (strained right lat) threw 60 pitches to hitters Neftali Soto, Derrick Robinson, Jack Hannahan and Henry Rodriguez on Wednesday. All looked to be OK. Cueto threw both from his usual twist windup and from the stretch.

“He was throwing pretty good,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said after watching the session. “It’s not surprising to me. He’s so mechanically sound. He tired a little bit at the end, which was to be expected. It’s a matter of endurance. His velocity was still pretty good.”

The club’s medical staff has maintained it did not believe the turn in Cueto’s delivery was the source of his previous injuries, but rather the dragging of his shoulder. That has been corrected.


“It’s just a little different,” Cueto said via translator Tomas Vera. “The difference is I stay more in front when I decide to do the whole turn. That way I can do it better.”

What’s next for Cueto?

“I don’t know,” Baker said. “We’ll have to see how he comes out of this one. We’re trying to be optimistically cautious.”

“I don’t know,” Cueto also said. “It depends on what they’re going to do. The front office, the GM, will all sit down together. I don’t know what they’re going to do. I feel good. I feel ready. That’s their problem now.”

I will have more on Cueto, Tony Cingrani and Billy Hamilton soon in my Reds notebook on MLB.com.

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