Hannahan goes deep

Reds reserve 3B Jack Hannahan has waited a long time to clear the fences in a game. It finally came on Wednesday in a 6-0 victory over the Cubs. In the sixth inning when the lead was only 3-0, Hannahan connected on a Jeff Samardzija slider for a three-run homer to right field. It was Hannahan’s first homer since July 20, 2012, for the Indians.

Teammates in the dugout were very happy for Hannahan, who had the ball and two lineup cards at his locker as mementos.

“[My] last three years, I’ve hit homers on Opening Day and to come in and finally play in a hitter friendly ballpark and look up in September, I see the goose egg in the home run column,” Hannahan said. “I didn’t know if I was going to get one. Pinch-hitting is more about looking for fastballs to hit. I’ve been more reacting to off-speed. That’s kind of what I’ve been working on and it paid off for me today.”

Hannahan had never notched a pinch-hit homer before in his career. But he had also rarely pinch-hit before this season.

“I’ve been in the American League. It doesn’t usually come around too much,” Hannahan said. “A lot of this is all new to me, being in the National League for the first time. I’m getting ready in the fifth inning. You can try to read Dusty’s mind but you never really know if a scenario is going to happen, or double switches. It’s been different with the pinch-hitting or going to play defense late.”

Click here for the full wrap up on the game and the importance of finishing with a 7-3 home stand.

Quick postgame notes:

*Mike Leake has a new career-high in victories as he improved to 13-6 with a 3.35 ERA.

*It was the 16th shutout of the season for the Reds pitching staff, which was second to only the Pirates’ 19 in the NL.

*Zack Cozart’s 15-game hitting streak was snapped with a 0-for-4 day.

*The Reds finished the season series vs. the Cubs 14-5.

*Todd Frazier hit a second-inning double, giving him a career high 27 for the season.


He was lucky he came to bat after that bonehead play by Baker, pinchrunning Robinson instead of Hamilton. He doesn’t know you can run one player and substitute another in the field. Then he did not run Robinson to stay out of a dp. He was lucky because Cozart had the speed to avoid the dp. Why not pinchrun Hamilton, let him pick up the stolen base and stay out of the double play and put Robinson in after the inning?

Why use two players to do the job of one, very inefficient to me.

Hey everyone, Ron is back. He wants Baker to use his best weapon on the bases in the sixth inning. Another brilliant strategic observation.

Dusty Baker knows very well what his options are. He is a good manager; he has to balance the use of his bench, when to rest guys, the day-to-day injured, the DL players, when to run, who needs to get in, etc. It is a tightrope act. Dusty and his coaches have to make their best decisions at the time. Not an easy job. No guarantee of results. This not a push-button game where you paint by the numbers; there are no 10 or 20 easy answers to success. It involves risk, reward, mistakes, failures, success; you know, kind of like life.

Dusty, Walt, the coaches, the Castellini’s, the medical staff and all of the people on the management end along with the team have waded through a lot of issues this year. They are doing a good job. Go Reds!

Ron, you want guarantees? I think you are in the wrong part of the multiverse. If you do find those guarantees, please let the rest of us know. I know that I have never found them. Thanks.


I’m sure, in the physical state of Cueto and Cingrani, Cueto will probably start and Cingrani will relieve in the playoffs. That is assuming there
are no more setbacks with their injuries and Cingrani has a history of relieving.

Playoff picture
Games remaining: 17 Cards, 17 Pirates, 15 Reds
NL Central
Cardinals 85-60 —
Pirates 84-61 1
Reds 83-64 3
4 games back in loss column; would take a collapse of Cards
in order to catch them with only 15 to play.

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