Game 147: vs. CHC

This has been updated since the original post.



Where is the sense of urgency? Losing two straight to the Cubbies?Hopefully Mike Leake can reach deep today…..Go Reds, 3 games down now….

The Reds will not win the division. All we can hope for is to host the one game play in game with the Pirates. Getting beat by the Cubs shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s the way this team has played all year Inconsistent !!!

Ah yes, my favorite argument ever, inconsistent. If only we could be like every other team and play the same every night.

Where is Ludwick. Resting again ? Spring training is right around the corner. You can’t lose 2 opf 3 or be swept by a team in last place during the stretch of the pennant race that’s. Plain and Simple

7-3 homestand with two of those teams being division leaders. I’ll take that every time.

Can’t lose 2 of 3 from the Cubs. Just can’t.

7-3 homestand, I’ll be happy with .700 baseball anytime. Ludwick took a good shot off his leg Tuesda when I was at the game, was limping a little.

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