Game 144: vs. LAD

Reds Lineup

Shin-Soo Choo 8
Chris Heisey 7
Joey Votto 3
Brandon Phillips 4
Jay Bruce 9
Todd Frazier 5
Zack Cozart 6
Ryan Hanigan 2
Homer Bailey 1

The Reds get Brandon Phillips back as they look for the three-game sweep against the Dodgers. After nine games in the two-hole for Phillips, manager Dusty Baker said he batted him cleanup on Sunday primarily because of the All-Star second baseman’s numbers against Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw (8-for-19 with a double and an RBI). Baker added that Phillips is versatile in what he can do for the Reds in the lineup.

“His role has changed back again to driving in runs versus scoring runs,” Baker said. “He was driving in runs early. Then since he went into the second spot he changed his approach and different things.”


Is there something wrong with Ludwick. It seems odd he’s not playing tonight. He just had the other day off. Especially vs a LH tonight … Heisey could have played for Choo or Bruce. Just wondering … thanks, Mitch

I don’t know. I would bet it’s the fact that the Reds are playing well and the Players are getting all the attention and Dusty want’s some. So….. let’s over manage again and screw this thing up. Besides Ludwick needs his rest. He has to get ready for spring training. Dusty is the biggest joke the Reds have ever had !!!!!!! And, the game is on national TV. Another chance for Baker to show his stupidity.

Check Ludwick numbers versus lefties i.e.
not good that is the reason

20 games over 500, how sweet it is, great baseball being played down at GABP right now, going over Tuesday to see some of it.This is a good team and it is hitting on all cylinders right now.

His lifetime vs. Kershaw is 3 for 17; .176. This season when the starter was LHP, he is 2 for 22; .091. Good day to get a rest.

@Jim, it looks like Dusty exceeded your expectation. The Reds won 6 of 7 from the Cards and Dodgers. Not bad! But maybe you would prefer to go into a tirade because the Reds lost 1 of 7. 😀

The Reds could win the World Series and go 162 – 0 and Dusty haters will still complain. Rational thought does not exist with them.

Monday morn: Bengals = SSDD, but the Reds are a couple of days away from leading rthe division! I’m telling you, Curt and I were right all along! Their schedule doesn’t look that tough the rest of the way, with enough games against the Pirates to give them a head-to-head chance, if they need it. Now, someone has to knock off the Redbirds!

“I’m telling you, Curt and I were right all along! ”
Which time??? The first post or the revised and second

Where is Ron Fulton?

Actually, I’ve been right three times this season, just on the wrong dates. Oh, nevermind. I’m just saying – keep the faith. Winning the division’s so much better than that puny wildcard elimination game, you gotta have hope!

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