Interviews with Jocketty, Frazier

In the final installments of multimedia interviews this week, I have two from Thursday night. First, I spoke with Reds GM Walt Jocketty about multiple topics during the game. This edited version covers the status of Johnny Cueto, Sean Marshall and how Billy Hamilton has performed this season. Click here to watch that video.

After the game, I talked with Reds 3B Todd Frazier, who hit two home runs in the 6-2 win over the Cardinals that gave them three of four in the series. Click here to watch.

It’s been a new experience during on-camera interviews this week and I enjoyed doing them in a different format than usual. Perhaps down the road, it will be something we do again during a big Reds series.


Why did’t you asked him why he didn’t get a left fielder when Ludwick went down on opening day and certainly when Heisey went down. And we don’t want to hear there was nothing better out there than what we had because we had nothing, Jockerty did not do his job this year and he knows it..

I don’t think that there is any question that we are generating momentum. With a hit here or there we could have very well swept the Cards. The next three games will be interesting in that we are up against the best in the NL, imo. With 21 games to be played overall and six to be played against the Pirates, the Reds are still in the hunt for the division crown.

Mark, here’s a possibly dumb question: if the Reds wind up in a tie for the division, do they play a one-game decider, or are there tie-breakers like head-to-head or record in the division, etc.?

I am 85 pct sure there are tie breakers that eliminate the one game decider. That type of game would only be needed if there was one spot open left.

If I may…a tied WC scenario plays out like this…
1.The team with the best record in head to head play.
2.The team with the best overall record in intradivision games.
3.The team with the best record in the final 81 games of the season, ignoring interleague play.
4.The team with the best record in the final 82 games of the season (providing the game added is not between the tied teams), extending backward until the tie is broken (Interleague games are skipped and ignored in this process.)

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