Interview with Billy Hamilton

It’s a little late in posting, but I have an interview I did on camera with Reds top prospect and September call-up Billy Hamilton. Click here to check it out.

This week for the big Reds-Cardinals series, is adding some more multimedia elements on the Reds and Cardinals pages as well as itself. I hope you are able to watch some of the videos that are produced this week.


With Choo’s lefthanded stats(.175) I not so sure I wouldn’t play Hamilton. Can’t do any worse than Choo against lefthanders.

Yes, you could do worse.

I am pretty sure I wouldn’t play Hamilton over Choo. Billy’s got a long way to go to even be considered a major league player.

I’m pretty sure Baker said he has a long wat to go. Maybe as long as he has to be a manager. If he said it I wouldn’t put too much stock into it. With Choo batting .175 against lefthanders, I’m sure Hamilton would do better than that. Baker is the worst manager in baseball. That is quite evident, so if he says Billy is not ready, that means he is ready to go.

I just read that Latos credits his great performances of late to Dusty’s handling of him. I think he’s a great manager – we’re lucky to have him! I don’t always agree with his in-game decisions, but I’m comfortable with the idea that I don’t deserve to manage a major league baseball team. From everything the team says about him that I’ve read, the players love him and he brings out the best in him. It’s so sad to constantly see messages here and on from Reds “fans” that bash him.

What else is a player supposed to say. His”gametime decisions” says it all. There is no way the players in their minds can truthfully say he is a good manager. His decisions in the two hole this year were pathetic and it took Phillips to do something about it, We should lead the division by six games if not for his mismanagement.

Hasn’t Choo played better in the last couple of weeks? I’d think that Choo will continue to start in center field but maybe Hamilton could catch an at-bat here or there late in games in which we’re either far ahead or behind. I was hoping Hamilton might make in into yesterday’s game by the 8th inning or something. I’d also love to see him come in as a pinch runner sometime soon. I’d love to see how the battery will respond to his presence at first base.

You won’t see him much because Baker doesn’t know how to use him. With Choo batting .175 against handers, I know how I would use him.

The stats don’t show that Dusty is the worst manager in baseball. I have been a Reds fan over sixty years and I have seen many a manager and Dusty isn’t the worst by any way or shape IMHO. I remember what it was like before and what it is now and things are definitely better for us Reds fans.

That is your opinion and your entltled. I have been a fan since 1947 and even the espn sprtswriters called his :descions baffling”. I can’t remeber a manager making this many bad decisions, The way he handled the two hole this year is just an example.

Ron, get a grip. If he was such a bad manager when why has he been managing for about 15 years? Why has he made the playoffs about 6 times or so? I don’t have the numbers in front of me. You sound pretty ignorant acting like you know more than the front offices of MLB teams. I mean cmon man.

That is your opinion and you also are entitled. 15 years ago he probably was OK, but not now. He’s never won a world series and I’ll make you a wager he’s not hired by another team.

Ron, Stop… This is childish.

Childish or not,I thought it was a mistake to hire him and a bigger one to re-sign him. Based on what I see, what I hear and all the blogs I am right. You have your opinion and I have mine, Live with it.

“Based on what I see, what I hear and all the blogs I am right.” Umm, what blogs are you reading? What are you seeing? This is one of the funniest statements ever.

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