Game 134: at STL

Reds lineup vs. Cardinals

Choo 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Frazier 5
Cozart 6
Hanigan 2
Bailey 1

*This is only the second time in 2013 that Phillips has batted second and the first time since Opening Day when Ryan Ludwick went down. He did not bat second at all in 2012. Lifetime in the two-hole, he is batting .277/.320/.424 with 21 homers and 68 RBIs in 183 games.

*Click here to read my Monday notebook idea on the trouble the Reds have had in the second spot. I also had something on the blog that day.

*Shortly after last night’s game, Phillips tweeted this out:


Be still my heart!

thanks for waking up Dusty


I’m sure Brandon will get his 100 RBIs batting 2nd. This should have been done 2 days ago. It’s good to see Cozart and Mesoroco coming alive at this time. I think the Reds need to win tonight and each of the remaining series to win the Central.

Just heard the Phillips tantrum. Pathetic. You are not the face of the franchise after that. Maybe you should start having a beer or wine with your dinner and start avoiding social media. Seriously, you got upset over a tweet from a beat writer pointing out a FACT? This is not college ball so there are no recruits to be lost by talking negatively. You got your feelings hurt. Poor Brandon. Ted Williams got abused and abused by the writers and you are NOWHERE in that realm. Man up and go home and roll around in your millions. I could never imagine you playing a corner outfield spot because I doubt you could take some of the abuse that is tossed around out in those areas across the league. Hey Brandon, YOU have a .310 OBP and that is LOWER than Fraziers. Now, make sure you refer to “whodoo” as a “something and something”.

Yes. I have been very critical of Dusty. This time he got it right. Phillips should be batting second. I didn’t hear about the tantrum . Maybe that’s the REAL Phillips. I hope not. It just goes to prove you can’t make everyone happy no matter you try. TEAM first.

Frazier’s OBP is very good when he bats 5th (OBP .316), 6th (OBP .320) or 7th (OBP .348). However, when he has batted in the 2-hole (64 AB) he has done poorly .188/.257/.344/.601.

Last nights game was absolutely huge… 28 games remaining; rather than being 5.5 out we cut the lead to 3.5. More importantly Bailey pitched a gem. And, the moment we change the lineup to make more sense, we pummel one of the best SP in all of baseball, scoring 9 R in the first 2 innings! Bruce batting clean up is interesting; it appeared to fire him up and hitting the way we all know he can. There is a lot of talent in our lineup and if and when the majority gets it together…well…I pity the opposing SP’s ERA (ie: Wainwright’s ERA ballooned from 2.58 to 2.96).

Phillips has proven that the obese are the last minority which society openly allows you to degrade. Angrily calling someone who is obese a fat MFer is not all that different than angrily calling someone who is black a N bomb. Unacceptable. Duster laughing about it was the topper… I doubt he’d have been laughing if C Trent was the one using the degrading words towards Phillips.
Zero Class. Disappointed in the organization for not publicly addressing this today.

Phillips had no business addressing C.Trent Rosecrans in Baker’s “post game interview”.
I don’t think their was any question about that. Also, I don’t think his comments toward C.Trent
were in any way constructive, nor did they address the issue whatsoever. And, although C. Trent’s comments were reaching, in my opinion, Baker had a chance to stop the conversation in it’s tracks and avoid the entire issue. Instead, as always, Baker chose to sit, look and smile while Phillips and C.Trent were arguing with each other. In my mind, C. Trent was petty about the comments, Phillips was totally wrong on retaliating and commenting as he did…and Baker should have take the bull by the horns and shut down the entire conversation. But, then again, Baker is a player’s manager and let’s them basically run the ballgame, during a ballgame, while hoping and wishing the best (irgo: the base running blunders, the constant men on 2nd with no outs that never scores, etc. etc. etc.). Bottom line…Phillips was wrong, Baker was playing the “player’s manager” and C. Trent was off base on his statistics.

Ok this is not a minority… He made it personal and attacked C Trent. Just like anyone would attack any other person based on their appearance. Its a childish assult. But this has nothing to do with minority or majority. I am so tired of that statement.

Obese people, autistic people, asians, disabled people, women, black people, etc… Please enlighten me BIGBLUDREW as to which of these demographics- according to your masterful opinion- its ok to make a “childish assault” on and say hurtful inappropriate things to based on their appearance. Theres no place for any of it. And to argue any point otherwise makes one seem like a uneducated bully. Just like Brandon Phillips seemed the other night.

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