Pirates add Byrd, Buck

The Pirates made another statement of their hopes and expectations for 2013 on Tuesday when they pulled off a waiver-wire trade.

Acquired were OF Marlon Byrd and catcher John Buck from the Mets for Minor League infielder Dilson Herrera and a player to be named later. Click here for the full story from my MLB.com colleague, Tom Singer.

What did Reds manager Dusty Baker think of the move?

“What can I say? They’re going for it,” Baker said. “You hate to see your competitor get stronger.”

The deadline for acquiring a player that can be eligible for postseason rosters is Aug. 31 (Saturday). Baker wouldn’t mind adding help before the final month but is also wary of these types of moves.

“You have to be careful,” Baker said. “Too many moves this time of the year can affect the chemistry of your club.”

The Reds haven’t made too many waiver trade acquisitions in recent years. The two that come to mind are Jim Edmonds and Willie Bloomquist in 2010. However, Bloomquist was picked up after Aug. 31 and could not be part of the playoff roster.


Typical Baker statement. First he says the Pirates are getting better and then the trade might mess up the chemistry, which is bad. Just like he manages. Indecisive !

It’s too late for the Reds to make hay now. The time was 3 months ago when Ludwick and Heisey went down. Jockerty is a bust. That should be obvious to all when he re-signed Baker. That says it all.

The good news is that if the playoffs started today, the Reds would play a 1 game playoff with Pirates, versus the Cards. The bad news is…
…that’s a combined 14-24 record against the teams, of which we will need to beat 3 of 4 of them to get to the WS.

Looks to me like the chemistry needs to be affected.

Nerves statistic? The last three home runs off Hoover all have been with the bases loaded — Atlanta’s Juan Francisco, Arizona’s Paul Goldschmidt and Card’s Craig.

That helps make my point that your best reliever should be pitching when the game is on the line. Let Hoover or someone else pitch the 8th and (or) 9th with no one on base.

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