Game 133: at STL

Reds lineup vs. Cardinals

Choo 8
Frazier 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Mesoraco 2
Cozart 6
Latos 1


Todd Frazier continues to bat 2nd, unbelievable. Why can’t Phillips bat 2nd and Bruce bat 4th? God forbid we have two lefties batting back to back, especially when they both hit lefties better than anyone on our team. #firedusty

why not rid the team of lackords like votto and choo and get someone who is awake and wants to play

I noticed something that is quite different from what the Reds do while watching the series against the D-Backs last week. Keep in mind that Kurt Gibson the the Manager. Every ball that was hit in fair territory the batter ran full speed toward first base. It didn’t matter if it was a fly ball or ground ball…the batter was running full speed. It would seem that the Reds players seem to be sure they are going to be out when they hit a ball. They are in a trot to first after running about 30 feet. The only players I find that runs full speed is Heisey and Paul.
If a fly ball is dropped that can be (2) or (3) extra bases instead of (1) base. A ground ball to an infielder can create an error or a hit, maybe both. Running hard and fast to first on a ground ball tells the infielder he has to hurry or it will be a hit or cause an error. I’d like see a statistic next year.
These ballplayers are paid a lot of money to give a performance to 20,000 – 40,000 plus fans and they deserve to receive quality play on the field.


this lineup is why people are always complaining about baker and his daily lineup changes. Ludwick takes the collar last night and is starting today. over the weekend he went 2-4 and hit a home run and sat the next day.let’s review the book of dusty,do good sit the next day do bad keep playing. maybe if he had played the next game after his good performance and continued with getting his swing down he might not have taken the collar last night. he was basically starting over again after his day off when he had just started to get his swing back. who else but dusty does that?

I have never, ever, heard that you sit a player after he is just starting to see the ball well. Conversely, you play “hot” players, and you sit “cold” players…not so in Cincinnati land.
Additionally and lastly, having a set lineup and players understanding their batting positions
is, in my opinion, more important than bench players or platooners getting batting time in hope of “getting them going”. To suggest that Ludwick is “not in mid-season form” is ludicrous. How
will we know unless we play him in clean-up, thereby moving Phillips to the 2-hole, which would make Votto more efficient and stack our lineup. Haven’t we determined that there is nobody else that can bat 2nd (ie: Frazier, Cozart, etc.). And, to be honest, the only other player the Reds have that looks good in the 2 hole might have possibly been Robinson (future). In any event, the sooner that Baker stacks the Reds lineup; the sooner we show a great deal more consistency.
Here’s my lineup…(today, not tomorrow)…
Cozart…(has totally settled into hitting in lower half of lineup)

I think it is obvious that nearly all of us on this board love the Reds. However, my fear for the team I love is that they will, most likely, make the playoffs…but then what? And, this team needs to realize; I think they do, that not only making the playoffs, but playing into them is all important…important to the players, important to the fans, and above all, important to our owner that lays out the bucks in large contracts to field a superior and contentious team. We have a lot of talent, yet I have questioned on a number of occasions whether we play our talent wisely; I trust, and believe, our owner is struggling with that very same question. Winning cures all…losing games like last night raise nothing but ire and criticism.

You’re right . We do love the Reds. That’s why we write in. The reds will never reach their full potential as long as Dusty Baker is the manager. This team should be in first pace by five games. They were hungry in 2010 and maybe last year when Votto got hurt. Now, they just go trough the motions and feel that when it’s all said and done , they’ll be in first place. WRONG. The Pirates are not going away this year and yhe Cardinals NEVER do. Before we know it , the window will be closed on this
group of talented players. The Reds need a manager who is not afraid to get in someone’s face if they get lazy or fail to follow instructions. Mr Castillini is wasting his money right now and he deserves better. And so do we. By the way , what the hell does a players manager mean anyway ?

This is a phrase used in baseball to refer to a manager who identifies very closely with the needs of their players. Typically, the manager is a former player themselves, though this is not always the case. This type of manager provides a powerful voice in the organization and makes sure the views of the players are understood. A players’ manager is usually a lot closer to their players, and reinforces it by engaging the players professionally, socially, and any way they can.

That type of manager is exactly what this team DOESN’T need. It shows everyday with mental lapses on the base paths , at the plate and on defense (ie: not knowing how many outs there are) He CAN”T be they’re friend . (socially) He is there to win games as a team , not to make sure an INDIVIDUAL gets a win or an RBI title. Dusty needs to go !

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