Game 132: at STL

Reds lineup vs. Cardinals

Choo 8
Frazier 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Mesoraco 2
Cozart 6
Leake 1

*This is the first of seven of the next 10 games that will be vs. the Cardinals.

*The Reds are 3-24-2 in series at Busch Stadium since 2003.

*This is a huge stretch of games for the Cardinals. All of their next 13 games are against either the Reds or Pirates. After that, St. Louis doesn’t play another team that’s currently above .500 the rest of the way.


let’s see they could not beat the cardinals at home but people actually expect them to win a series in St. Louis with that record? talk about delusional! the reds will win the wildcard because the teams behind them suck but then they will have to play the playoff game in St. Louis where the only question will be how bad they get beat.

Shut Up. Fatso Redneck. HillBilly.

ooh such an insult. you kiss your mother with that mouth? you probably do more than kiss her so I guess it doesn’t matter does it?as reds fan I will say whatever I want about my team. guess you can’t handle the truth since the facts are right there in front of you. the reds record in St.Louis since 2003 is not pretty and you have to be the inbred moron you appear to be to believe it will change this next week.

For *****(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) sake, why is the world is Ludwick not hitting 4th?

Because Dusty wants Phillips to win the RBI title. Somebody hit on that yesterday.
The Reds can’t beat the Brewers at home. They are not going to beat the Cardinals in St. Louis. Baker will probably sit whoever plays well tonoght on Tuesday or forget how do double switch or something you learn how to do in little leaguie baseball.

Ludwick just got back. He just got his first home run which barely got out. I agree with Dusty on this one. Unless you want to put him in the two hole… That would be nice.

The best available pitchers are pitching this series…Leake, Latos, and Bailey. We just have to hope they’ll bring their “A” game, as will the position players. It appears that Wainwright will go up against Bailey on Wednesday.

Come on Reds fans. We all know the struggles in St. Louis, but the games aren’t played on paper. Secondly, before worrying about playing in St. Louis, we could be hosting a wild card vs. the Pirates. I can’t see them hanging on down the stretch. I see Reds/Cards taking top 2 spots with Pirates heading west for the play in game.

Did the Cardinals beat the Reds on paper a few weeks ago IN Cincinnati ? The Cardinals will jump all over Leake. They eat that style of pitching up. Just be thankful Arroyo iosn’t pitching. As far Ludwick is concerned , he should be playing EVERY day. It doesn’t matter where he hits. at least not right now. AND they better worry about St louis,

Obviously the games already played were not played on paper, but if it was a foregone conclusion they’d be in Denver adjusting to the elevation instead of taking the field to compete. I agree that Leake and Arroyo don’t match well vs. Cards, but despite their struggles in St. Louis, I refuse to write off the division. Winning in St. Louis may be an uphill battle, but as long as they don’t get swept they will be fine.

Well, Frazier did good and they lose. Votto, get your head in the game. Jogging off the field with 2 outs? Come on.

The game was lost in the 7th inning. This is where the over rated save should be recorded. The Reds aren’t the only team to wait until the last inning to use their “closer.” All of baseball does. Why not bring in your “closer” when the game is in on the line ? Maybe from the 6th or 7th inning on. Also, the Reds will not win a game in St. Louis. Tonight was their best chance.

Mark, your writing gives off a scent that you are afraid to lose your job. Coincidentally, the Reds performance on the field gives off a similar odor. Hold some feet to the fire, show some passion, and stop re-capping and start re-igniting. You are in a position of privilege and to me it appears that you’re merely treading in algi sludge to maintain your status- a symptom I will attribute to reporting on flat lining mediocre baseball. But come on, Mark, the columns have gotten mundane and are akin to pouring lukewarm water into my gas tank and expecting it to run like a Ferrari. I don’t have your email, otherwise I wouldn’t have put it in a comment section. I feel like no one wants to hammer down the nail that is sticking out and snagging everyone! You’re the final frontier brother, take advantage of it and accept that you have a much bigger task than lackadaisically relaying lackluster baseball played by leaderless millionaires. Thanks.

I agree. Nobody wants to ask Dusty a tough question. Or everyone is afraid to. Even Marty Brennaman on the pre game show. Dusty has lost at least 10 games this year with stupid decisions and nobody holds him accountable. This team should be in first place by 5 games and all everyone wants to talk about is the wild card lead . Screw the wild card WIN the division !!!!!! Oh wait . Then the BENCH players wouldn’t get to play as much and some would be angry with Dusty. God forbid.

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