Game 131: vs. MIL



Just when maybe Ludwick and Heisey is starting to hit, Goofy Baker sits them both. This guy is the worst.

I have never seen a manager rest as many players, and as much, as Baker does. It sounds great when he talks of resting players for the stretch run; seldom does anyone bring up the negatives, especially when a player is starting to see/hit the ball well. Lastly, not all players are rested as much as the platoon positions (ie: LF, C, 3B), which would indicate that he is playing others only to get them some game time.
It is not a wonder why the players like Baker. Unfortunately, it does not always field the best 8 which in turn does not give us the best chance to win the ball game, imo.

Don’t you guys know. Dusty saw Paul sitting at his locker crying. Dusty asked him what was wrong, Paul replied : I want to play. So Dusty said don’t worry son , you’ll start tomorrow. I don’t care if Ludwick just had his best game since coming off the DL or that Heisy is hitting the ball as well. It’s your turn and UI don’t like seeing my players unhappy. Dusty is a JOKE !!!!!

I don’t know why everyone is worring about the Cardinals. The eds can’t even beat the Brewers who as bad as the Cubs. Oh well, Dusty would mess someething up.

What a lousy “performance” today. As for tomorrow, if I see one more line-up with Ludwick batting 6th, I am going to lose my mind. The offense is absolutely pathetic and Dusty has still not gone back to the opening day line-up. Put Brandon in the 2 spot and Ludwick in the 4 hole. Not complicated Dusty, not complicated. Oh wait, Phillips will probably bat 4th for the rest of the year because Dusty probably wants Brandon to win that RBI title. You know, kinda like leaving a starting pitcher in so that he could maybe get the win and instead gets the loss or blows the lead.

A tad off topic but I have to say that the Reds post game call in shows have to be the WORST in ALL of baseball. Tracy Jones was enjoyable until he had to pull out the “Richard from Indian Hills” schitck. Amazon is just a sarcastic ***** who just rambles on and really does not seem to know very much about baseball. Doc is a nice guy but he sounds like he is on NPR instead of a post game call in show. WLW is a shell of its former great self.

I have said all year that Baker plays the HAPPY system. I can see it now. The Reds are in the one game wild card playoff game. Dusty decides to rest Votto , Phillips and Bruce to get them ready for the next set of playoff games.Asked why and Dusty says: We gotta get these bench players going. We might need them down the stretch. Dusty is JOKE !!!! He was in San Francisco and Chicago and he is here.

All I can say is wow.

I forgot about my favorite line… Why didnt you play Ludwich or Heisey, well we got to get Paul going. He is key… But Ludwich and Heisey are hitting.

Reds are 5-5 over last 10 games; 7 of the games were with the Brewers. And, we played less than .500 ball in those 7 games, having lost 4 of them to a 57-73 team that has a run differential of -56! We could have been on top of the Central had we hit the ball better. Instead we now play against our hated foes, the Cards, while being 2 1/2 games back of them and the Pirates. Although there are still 31 games left to be played, we had better start playing the so-called “we haven’t played our best ball yet” games. All right, next 3 games in St. Louis…we had better take 2 of 3!

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