Baker prays for strength, team

The 2013 season has been challenging all around for the Reds, in large part because of all the injuries the club has dealt with this season.

Johnny Cueto is on the disabled list for the third time; Sean Marshall is on the DL for the second time and hasn’t pitched since May. Jonathan Broxton had season-ending forearm surgery on Friday. Ryan Ludwick missed four months for shoulder surgery. Ryan Hanigan, Manny Parra and Chris Heisey have also had DL time.

Reds manager Dusty Baker has had to work around these injuries and his third-place team is very much in the hunt for the NL Central Division race and has a Wild Card spot already if the season ended today. Baker admitted Friday to seeking some divine help and that he does hear the critics of his job performance.

“We’ve had a lot of injuries,” Baker said. “It started out with [third base coach] Mark Berry having cancer. Now which would you rather have, injuries or cancer? You understand what I’m saying? It tests you and your strength. I pray for strength all the time. I went to St. Peter in Chains [church] today. I was praying for strength and to heal some of our guys. Sometimes, I need strength too. I’m very strong but sometimes you need some more. When you’re the leader, most of the blame falls on you whether it’s unjust or right. You still need strength. Sometimes you just get tired of hearing criticism when you’re doing the best job that you can. Our guys are busting their butts for us. It goes two ways. I bust my butt for them. I ask a lot of them. I push them pretty hard but that’s how championships are made.”


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Like your work Mark and also your opinions….

BTW…like John Fay…Rather read you than him…But I`ve read Hal for the better part of 30 years…Hal rules!!

Why are any of you declaring “writers”? They are all good. It’s kinda like a buffet table…some bring the beef, some bring the salads and some bring the deserts.
Enough comparison BS…especially on the man’s porch; disrespectful imo.

Definition : A hitter who takes a boat load of pitches, hits mostly line drives for sngles or an occasional double , walks a lot with a high on base percentage , and has below average to average power. Answer: A lead off hitter. OR JOEY VOTTO. WAY over paid. Watch out or Cozart is going to catch him in RBI

Your blaming the wrong guy buddy. Baker is the blame here. Having no two hole hitter all year to advance the runners and refuses to have the two hole bunt, no wonder Votto has no RBI’s. Votto is a line drive hitter, not a home run hitter. He leads the league in walks, OBP, he hits to all fields and is hitting .300. Why is he not hitting second woth those stats instead of experimenting all year with different players. I’ll tell you why, Because We got the worst manager in baseball and there is a lot of people that agree including put of town press.

Baker don’t need to pray for strength, he needs to pray for wisdom. Dumbest I have seen since 1947 when I went to my first ball game. Why don’t he get smart and bat Votto second. Votto is not a home run hitter he is a line drive hitter and is a prototype two hole hitter, Why can’t Baker see this?

Who bats third then? Interesting you say to bunt more in that spot yet many fans get on Baker for bunting to much. Who is right you, or the other fans? Myself I would never bunt and give up that out except late in a very close game. It has nothing to do with how smart I am or Dusty is, simply a difference of opinion.

No. 3 hitter: This spot usually is reserved for the team’s best hitter, who often hits for a high average and still has power. The player with the top OPS, or on-base plus slugging percentages, must hit third.


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