The non double switch

Lots of questions in a wild game tonight. In the eighth inning after Jonathan Broxton exited with an injury, the Reds called on Aroldis Chapman for a two-inning save. The pitcher’s spot was due up third in the bottom of the eighth and Dusty Baker did not double switch.

Baker admitted to making a mistake in the process and explained what happened. You are allowed to double switch when removing an injured pitcher.

“You can, if you double switch before you signal who you want in the game,” Baker said. “They asked me ‘who do you want?’ I said Chapman. That was just like signaling to the bullpen. That was the first time I’ve ever experienced anything like that.”

“I went back out and said ‘you sure I can’t do that?’ He said ‘no, you can’t do that.’”

Incidentally, Baker would have had Ryan Ludwick double switch into LF if he had been allowed.

More from Baker:

“That was really disheartening to have to go and get Broxton. I went out there. Bryan Price said ‘aw man, he’s done.’ At least it was not the same part of the elbow as before. It was in the muscle. The umpire asked me and Bryan who did we want? We said we wanted Chapman. Me and Bryan pointed out to Chapman and we couldn’t double switch after that. I’ve never been in that circumstance where you have the injured player and I was sort of distraught by the fact that I had to go get Chapman and the fact that we were going to lose Broxton. It worked out fine. Chapman got his first at-bat. He needs to work on his bunting. We let him hit because he’s a good hitter. Not only is he a good hitter, he’s probably one of the fastest guys in this league. I was hoping he’d hit one to the gap and everybody could see it.”


Now everybody knows Baker don’t make mistakes. He is a mistake.

i agree. Somebody in that dugout should know what to do. It’s Baker covering his backside. It could have cost them the game. It’s called thiinking ahead, not reacting , which is what Baker is best at. They should be at least 5-10 games better than they are. But ,heyman, that’s Dusty.

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