Game 127: vs. ARI



Ludwick plays in 7 games, sandwiched between 2 off days, after being
off over 4 months. Over the last 3 games (4 for 10) he is starting to heat up; .190/.292/.238/.530 . Now let’s ask the obvious question…

HMMMMM…Neb, what might you be implying????? You put out a fire with cold water????

Vintage Baker. Platooning LF when Ludwick is 100% healed (nearly 4 1/2 months). Why?
I can hear him now…”Heisey needs work too”. I would only bring in Heisey in the late innings.
Being a player’s coach is great but won’t allow for playing the best 8 position players; and that won’t give us the best chance of winning every baseball game. Ludwick needs to play in every game possible unless injured. And, when he starts hitting a bit more consistently, move him to cleanup, Baker to the 2 hole and Frazier back to the 6 spot.

He is recovering from an injury, I thought people when they were coming back from an injury did it slowly, has healing of the human body changed? He still looks a little tentative in the outfield to me, at least he did last night.

Heisey is playing tonight because he is the ONLY guy to drive in a run last night.

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