Game 126: vs. ARI



do you have the score sheet that I can download?

Would like to hear your take on Bruce. Four Ks last night (2nd Ariz) game and at least two were RISP. He’s just not making it when it counts. Of course the other “biggies didn’t either (Choo and Votto). I hear comments that Bruce isn’t seeing the ball well. You’d think this would be fully investigated – visit to an opthamologist for the works. A seat on the bench for few games might due wonders. And Votto is definitely not the same hitter he was before his leg injury Sometimes it seems like he’s hestitant to apply the pressure to that leg when he swings and he’s definitely more tenative on the basepaths

“Not seeing the ball” is a baseball phrase that has nothing whatsoever to do with eye testing!

Captain Obvious here: the Reds need to *** win *** when the Pirates *** lose ***. Labor Day is coming fast. Curt’s and my credibility is on the line, Well, (Curt’s is. Mine is probably already toast.)

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