Top uniforms in MLB

Over on his Uniwatch blog at, Paul Lukas ranked the Major Leagues’ best uniforms and I found myself to be in agreement in some spots, and total disagreement in others (Really, Oakland No. 3?).

Just for fun, here is my quick Top 5:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers: I grew up in New York disliking the Dodgers since they were the Yankees’ regular World Series foe and that they beat New York for the title in 1981. But man, those uniforms are classic. Every time I go to Dodger Stadium, I admire the look that’s simple and clean. Nothing looks better than a white home Dodgers uniform with the blue script and red number on the front.

2. San Francisco Giants: I like the black and orange, what can I say. The cream-ish home uniforms are pretty slick too. I also like that they don’t have names on the backs at home.

3. Detroit Tigers: Gotta love the old-English ‘D’ on the chest. And on those those hats. Thomas Magnum chose the right hat to chase down bad guys while in that Ferrari.

4. New York Yankees: It’s timeless and iconic. If I had a complaint, I’d like to see the Yankees return to the number font they had before the 1970s when Mantle and Maris were in the lineup.

5. Seattle Mariners: An odd choice but I like the blue and white look. I was never one for the yellow and blue and the trident.

Honorable mention: Blue Jays, Red Sox and Royals.

Bottom 3 submitted without comment: Marlins, Brewers and Indians.


You gotta hate the Padres camo unies.

Not my favorite, but I admire the thought behind it in a city that has a lot of fans in the military.

I’m pretty much in agreement except I’d have Cardinals and Braves home yoonies in place of Tigers and Mariners. Let the flaming begin……;-)

By David Schoenfield |
August 18, 2013
Here are each team’s remaining series against teams currently above .500:
Pirates: STL (3), at STL (3), at TEX (3), CIN (3), at CIN (3)
Cardinals: ATL (4), CIN (3), at PIT (3), at CIN (3), PIT (3)
Reds: ARI (4), at STL (3), STL (3), LAD (3), at PIT (3), PIT (3)
They all have home-and-home series with each other, so no advantage gained there. The Reds have one extra series against a quality opponent, but one big edge they have is 24 of their remaining 38 games are at home and they are 37-20 at home, 33-34 on the road. The Cardinals have a tough slate ahead, beginning Thursday when they have consecutive series against the Braves, Reds, Pirates, Reds and Pirates, but their final 19 games are against current losing teams.
Advantage: Reds and Cardinals. That season-ending stretch should play into the Cards’ favor while the Pirates have to finish up at Cincinnati and also have more road games remaining.

By Mark Sheldon / 8/19/2013
“Reds fans have waited all season for this — a push to take control of the division they last led on April 22. It seems to be coming together, at just the right time. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh has dropped seven of its previous nine games. St. Louis is 9-8 in August and is seeking its first three-game winning streak since late July.”

“We knew if we turned around and played the kind of ball we knew we can play, it was going to happen like that,” Reds shortstop Zack Cozart said. “The Pirates are going to play the Cardinals like they did. And we’re going to play the Pirates. It’s going to be whoever is hot at the end. We think we’re playing a lot better ball and we can play a lot better than we have, too.”

“If the season ended today, the Reds would have the second NL Wild Card spot. Clearly, that’s not the desired end game. In town is the closest team chasing them in the D-backs, who came in five games back. The Reds are still thinking more about catching Pittsburgh and St. Louis, and less on staving off Arizona.”

“We’re not trying to slide into the Wild Card,” Hanigan said. “That’s a flip of the coin if it goes down that way. It’s better to be in the driver’s seat by winning the division. We’ve got games against the Cardinals. We’ve got games against the Pirates. We have a lot of opportunities. It’s in our hands.”

What’s wrong wit the Red’s over the Mariner’s?

Reds unis look like the neighborhood beer softball leagues.

I’m not a big fan of Oakland’s green jersey, but I’ve always liked their uni’s. The Cards logo is too busy, too clunky for my taste. ESPN had San Diego last but I wasn’t convinced. What were the Blue Jays thinking when they went away from their original style? I’ve noticed the Orioles went back to ’60’s-80’s style, too. Mariners, Rays, Royals, Dodgers, and Cubs have pretty blue color. Here’s a Rangers’ logo from the 1970’s that I thought was cool:

When are the Brewers going back the ‘MB’ forming a glove that I see all their fans wearing? ESPN liked the Braves navy jersey, but I don’t.

I agree the Reds need to eliminate the black.
I read somewhere once that the Mets colors are Brooklyn Dodger blue and New York Giant orange. Underrated ensemble.
I agree that Cleveland’s is the worst.

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