Game 118: at CHC

Reds lineup vs. Cubs

Choo 8
Frazier 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Mesoraco 2
Cozart 6
Latos 1


I like the way this line up looks granted that Todd Frazier can be consistent in getting on base down the stretch.

I don’t care for this lineup, but it serves it’s purpose, ala, Dusty:
1) give Frazier more FB to swing at…
2) gives Phillips the ‘thumbs up’ for batting clean up all season;
batting 2nd might look like/feel like a demotion…
3) gives Ludwick a chance to fail/ease in without potentially
failing the team (cleanup pressure)…
Dusty is a politician before he is a Manager. This lineup keeps everyone
happy and regardless as to how they do, he and the team comes out
smelling like a rose…kinda. Not a bad idea overall, but it isn’t the lineup
I’d like to see come September.

If you were to tell me to begin the season that our 4 and 5 hitters would combine to hit about 230 RBIs. Then i dont care if that was Cozart and Frazier. We have not had a duo like that in a while. I would not change a thing either. They are doing what they are supposed to do.

…might want to recheck your RBI numbers…

bigblue…I think I am spitting hairs; I project closer to 215-220. With that said, they are two prolific RBI producing dudes, thanks to Choo (77R) and Votto (79R). I guess the problem is that we could score more, but don’t. Instead we have a set of players that produce; others struggle to make good.

He’s right, the four and five hitters are on pace for a combined 229.8 RBI’s.

Good to see Ludwick back. Hope he doesn’t do too well because Dusty will sit him tomorrow. Have to break him slow. Don’t want to take a chance on hurting that shoulder. Besides that , Dusty has other left fielders to keep happy!

Rolling, rolling, rolling
Keep them Redlegs moving

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