Baker: ‘Come on Latos’

Everyone in the Reds bullpen, except for Alfredo Simon, was used in Sunday’s 13-inning win over the Padres. Manager Dusty Baker will not have everyone available in Monday’s game vs. the Cubs. Mat Latos will be counted on to have a deep outing.

“Some of it is not [available],” Baker said. “[Logan] Ondrusek is a little sore. Our guys have either been pitching a lot or warming up a lot. A lot of times, it goes into the equation, especially when you have one lefty. I’ve had to get Manny [Parra] up quite a few times up and don’t get him into the game. Look at all the teams near the top, they have two lefties. You’d like to get another lefty, a quality lefty, which is hard to find.

“So, come on Latos.”

Ondrusek threw 43 pitches over 1 2/3 innings. Sam LeCure worked 1 1/3 innings. Jonathan Broxton, recently off of the DL, worked an inning as did Aroldis Chapman. Parra pitched Saturday and Sunday. Simon pitched 2 1/3 innings on Saturday after also pitching an inning on Friday.

Summonining reinforcements from Triple-A Louisville did not seem viable.

“Our options aren’t good,” Baker said. “[Curtis] Partch hasn’t been available for a while. Who else can really help us right now that’s on the roster? (Partch was placed on the 7-day DL by Louisville on Saturday with a right biceps injury)

“Maybe today, Big Latos will get us back, and Bailey can get us back on this 20-consecutive day thing in pretty good shape.”


That a boy Dusty . Cover your backside . We don’t need to win . We’ve got the second wild card in the bag.

How is he covering his backside by stating the obvious?

I am going to miss Choo’s arm. For a little guy, this guy has a gun. He threw out Lake tonight on a base-hit, first to third attempt. Only a perfect throw could get Lake and that’s exactly what Choo did. He caught the ball on a bounce and actually double pumped before throwing a one-bounce laser to Frazier to catch Lake at the bag; exactly at the bag. This guy will be missed, however his want for $12-$13m contract for several years, won’t.

He’ll be a Red next year. He does the double crow hop on every throw, it drives me nuts. He’s got a cannon, but he could release it sooner.

I was encouraged by last night’s game. I figure if the pitching staff keeps it’s ERA under 2 the rest of the way, there’s a good chance the Reds can hold off the D’backs for that second wild card slot.

Ummmm… If the Reds keep the ERA below 2 they better be doing more than holding off the DBacks. They better be in first with 40 games left. That is giving the other team only 2 runs on average a game. I really hope that was a joke.

Reds will be in first by Labor Day. You heard it here first.

Best thing to me about the last few games is that it looks like BP’s bat is coming alive again. Saw it Friday night at the game and yesterday too. Latos is really something else, talk about a #1. Good trade Walt.

Excellent trade! Latos is only 25 years old (December). #1 signing will to sign this guy to a long term contract at season’s end. His numbers have been incredible; 12-3, 3.04 ERA, 9 no decisions, 154 SO while giving up only 46 BB over 154 IP. And I don’t think we have even seen his best, yet.

4.5/1.5/5.5 with 44 games left. We best keep our nose to the grindstone. Our lineup better pick it up; scoring 6 R over the last 3 games against the likes of San Diego and Cubs won’t translate very well when considering the SP of teams like the Cards, Braves and Dodgers. And although ‘getting there’ will help our owner pay the bills/sign our players, it won’t mean as much to fans to just ‘get there’. For a painful reminder we need only look at last years’ playoffs.

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