Robinson optioned to Louisville

The Reds made a long awaited roster move after Sunday’s 3-2 win in 13 innings over the Padres. OF Derrick Robinson was optioned to Triple-A Louisville as left fielder Ryan Ludwick was activated from the disabled list.

Robinson, who was 0-for-1 as a pinch-hitter in the game, batted .254 in 84 games this season. He has been up since the second game when Ludwick went on the DL with a torn labrum in his right shoulder.

“That was a tough decision to send Robinson back,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “But he will be back in a couple of weeks and on our playoff roster. His shoulder was bothering him some and we gave him a couple of days off. He was the only one who had options. Sometimes, you can’t make the moves that you want.”

Other notes:

*Aroldis Chapman was looked at by the trainer after wincing on his second pitch to pinch-hitter Jesus Guzman. Chapman was allowed to continue and Baker said he was OK postgame. Baker also noted that the radar gun was malfunctioning as Chapman’s fastball velocity was showing low-to-mid 90s on pitches that had some gas in them. Chapman struck out the side in the ninth.

“The radar gun was broken and they put a new radar gun in. They said that radar gun was 3-4 miles slower than the regular radar gun,” Baker said. “We were looking up there and saw 92 and 93. All of sudden, they must have fixed it because it went to 99. He didn’t look like he was throwing 92-93.”

*Shin-Soo Choo snapped a season-high 0-for-16 with his double in the decisive 13th inning.

*J.J. Hoover pitched a scoreless 2/3 of an inning in the eighth. Hoover has made 20-straight scoreless appearances of 22 innings. It’s the longest scoreless stretch for a Reds reliever this season.


That’s why Hoover should be gone!!! By BY……

Why would you want to say Bye, bye to a PITCHER who is pitching scoreless innings? This is what the Reds want and need. It means the other team is not scoring any runs when Hoover pitches. You must be a troll Sarah Torrence and not a Reds fan!

Cincinnati remains a poorly managed club because of poor judgement and even a worse assessment of human capital.

That really makes a lot of sense Sarah, are you reading the same story I am?

From the brink of a devastating loss to a much needed win. Time to start rolling the rest of the way.

Managing a club that is missing a few key features is kind of a tough task. If this team had a bench with some depth and some right handed offence it may make the job a little easier. With that said being 5 1/2 games out of first with 2 months to play it puts you in the drivers seat you make up 1 game a week and this club repeats as central division champs. It also should be considered that this team has yet to hit a hot streak. Hopefully the return of Ludwig and a healthy Broxton will put this club on a path towards the streak mentioned earlier. Go Reds and Have Faith Fans.

Ok…let’s see. The next 7 games are against the aged, the poor, the weak. They are a combined 103-132 for a .438 winning pct. The Reds winning percentage is .556. As this is do or die time of year; 5 back of Pirates, 2 back of Cards, yet 5.5 ahead of the bumbling and stumbling WC hopeful Diamondbacks, it’s time to get our mojo on and define the team for the upcoming playoff game. This ‘game’ will be the game of our entire season. This defined team game will be held, in all reasonably realistic odds, in the town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or under the Arches in the #1 baseball sellout town of St. Louis, Missouri. We best start to develop our best pitching rotation, our best ‘whos-gonna-pitch-the-8th’ bullpen, and our best and solidified lineup, without having 3 or 4 or them in any given week. GLTdaReds. Have a nasty feeling we will need luck this season.

On June 9th, Dusty left a reliever in the game; he gave up 6 ER. After that date, the same reliever has appeared in 7 relief appearances in the remainder of June, 8 relief appearances in all of July, and so far 5 appearances in August, while giving up 0 ER on 10 H over the same and last 20 relief appearances. Not too shabby JJ (avg. – .188, whip – 0.92).

Based on each team’s current and projected win totals…
Pirates – 97W
Cards – 93W
Reds – 90W
Each game is all important now; errors, poor hitting and poor pitching
is magnified multi-fold. There are only 45 games left to play this season
for the Reds; not enough to play ‘make-up’. Time to play ball.

I just looked at each teams schedules and calculated the amount of wins I thought they would end up with. And wouldn’t you know, I came up with 93 wins for all three teams. Wouldn’t that be something?

Stats can only say so much. The Reds’ still have Dusty as their manager. He’ll screw up something. He always does.

Great analysis there. I am going to disagree though and say the players will screw up, they always do.

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